Thor Battles The Vision In Deleted 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Scene

Things don't look as good without those special effects.

As Marvel promotes for the release of the Marvel Cinematic Universe "Phase 2" DVD boxset, the prolific studio is giving fans some previously unseen moments from the past six films in the universe to fawn over.  

Next up? "Avengers: Age of Ultron." With a running time of 141 minutes, it only makes sense that the second Avengers outing would have plenty of scenes left on the cutting room floor. Director Joss Whedon has already intimated how difficult it was to balance the demands of the story and those of the studio. 

In the scene above, Thor and The Vision square off in a short battle sequence, after The Vision comes to life thanks to the Asgardian's lightning bolt. In the ensuing fight, we get a much better understanding of the wide array of powers The Vision has on demand, like the ability to shoot beams from the Mind Stone in his forehead and phasing through Captain America's shield. 

The special effects, however, like Iron Man's suit and The Vision's synthetic skin, remain unfinished, so the scene has a charmingly clunky quality to it and gives viewers a peek into what it takes to make Marvel movies look so damn good. 

Speaking of looking good ... here's another deleted scene from the film featuring a topless Thor having a bad trip.

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