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Those Creatures Called Humans: 5 Steps to Being a 'Better' One

Sometimes, we cannot see our worth; may feel unworthy and do not value ourselves, our expertise and talents. If we do not value ourselves, we certainly cannot expect others to value us
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I find humans to be very interesting creatures; actually, I find them fascinating (myself included) and an interaction I had recently got me thinking. Let me give you the scenario.

So I'm in this group and someone reached out to me because they noticed that in addition to being a Holistic Body and Lifestyle Designer> that I am also a Personal Trainer.


Image courtesy: Body By Kirk

They started asking me health and wellness related questions and of course I answer because that's an area I am super passionate about. Plus, I love sharing this type of information because I believe that everyone should live their life in a body they love. Consequently, if I can facilitate this outcome in anyway, I go all out to help.

Anyways, I answer all their questions and shared loads of suggestions and I have not really heard from them since even though we are still in the same group.

It's only now that I'm writing this I remember another scenario in the same group where this other person reached out to me and the conversation went the same kinda way.

Only difference is, because we were going to be in the same location for an event, they asked if it would be OK if they trained with me. I was delighted and of course, said yes. I agreed because I am always excited when people are excited about their health, bodies and how they look and feel. Plus, I enjoy being supportive.

I Caught Feelings
Let me be honest and say that these two interactions left me feeling some type of way. I guess I was looking to build a relationship while these two people just wanted a "one night stand."

I was expecting to hear some feedback; have interesting conversations; talk about their progress; share a protein shake or green juice and even possibly meet up sometime in the not too distant future.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not mad or anything but the dynamic just made me think.

People show up in our life for two reasons; whether for a blessing or a lesson. Anon

Blessings and Lessons
  1. We all want different things (and it is A-OK). Not all of us have come here for the same things; furthermore, we are all very different people with different perspectives and ways of doing things. If we were all the same, what a very boring and vanilla world it would be.

  • Know your worth. Sometimes, we cannot see our worth; may feel unworthy and do not value ourselves, our expertise and talents. If we do not value ourselves, we certainly cannot expect others to value us.
  • Communicate your expectations. It's super important to communicate what you really want because it's not fair to expect the other person to read your mind. You won't go to a restaurant and expect the waitress/waiter to know what you want so why treat your friendships and relationships that way?
  • Givers and takers. The world is filled with both sets of people and from time to time we will be more of one and less of the other. I do not believe that one is "better" than the other. However, if you are chronically one or the other, that's likely an equation for disaster.
  • Balance and Flexibility. No matter what you're up to in this world, both of these are important. Lack of either can cause us to miss opportunities and significantly decrease the amount of fun we have along the way.
  • Let's not forget -- we train people how to treat us. If you're not being treated how you wish to be treated, chances are you're not treating yourself that way either.