Thoughtful DIY Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has Everything (VIDEO)

Everyone has that one person on their list who is impossible to shop for. What do you get someone who has everything? Gift guru and bestselling author Sandra Magsamen has three thoughtful suggestions for creative gifts that cost very little, but hold a world of meaning.

"I really believe that a gift is nothing more than a bridge from one heart to another," Magsamen says in the above #OWNSHOW video. "So the person who has everything would more than anything like to know that you care about them and that they're special in your life."

"I Love You Because" Boxes
own ownshow sandra magsamen gift box

Magsamen has found a great use for those inexpensive paper-mache boxes sold at the craft store. Using hot glue, decorate the box with buttons, beads, bits of old jewelry, or little figurines found at the flea market.

Next, type out the reasons you love the recipient. "You're awesome." "You inspire me to follow my dreams." "You are fun to be with." "You believe in me." Print them out and cut into heart-shaped slips of paper to add inside the box.

"For the person who has everything, this is really priceless," Magsamen says. "You can't buy friendship. You can't buy the idea that someone is going to tell you how special they are in your life."

Handmade Stitched Cards
own ownshow sandra magsamen gift card

To make these cards, Magsamen suggests buying simple kraft cards and muslin fabric from the craft store. Stamp the person's name or initial onto the fabric and use a sewing machine to stitch it onto the paper. "Paper is very, very durable and it loves to be stitched," she says.

"You just simply bundle them together, tie them with a string, put a little note on it: "Thinking of you," and it's a wonderful, wonderful personalized gift," she says.

Grow Your Dreams Planter
own ownshow sandra magsamen gift planter

"This is really a gift that helps someone to grow their dreams and their desires," Magsamen says.

Start with a planter, which you can purchase at a flea market, or repurpose one that you already have. Next, cut out slips of paper to give to your recipient. "These slips of paper are to be filled out with the dreams or the desires that she'd like to grow in herself," Magsamen says.

For example, "Be more present and mindful in the moment." "Learn to mediate." "Spend more time with family." "Learn French."

"She could do one, she could do 10, she could do three," Magsamen says. "And then she simply puts them in the pot. These are the things that she'd like to grow in her life."

Next, add stones to the pot and place paperwhite narcissus bulbs on top. "When this blooms it will be a lovely, fragrant white flower," she says.

The plant must be watered every day, which also serves as a reminder to work on the dream inside. "So in six weeks, you'll have beautiful flowers and your dreams will really start to come true," Magsamen says.

In a hurry? Magsamen shares her creative gift ideas that take no time at all.



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