Thoughtful Gifts For Someone Who's Lost A Loved One This Year

Sentimental and thoughtful gifts for people going through a hard time.

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Thoughtful gifts for someone dealing with grief this time of year.
Emily McDowell
Thoughtful gifts for someone dealing with grief this time of year.

The holidays are supposed to be about family, happiness and thoughtful gifts that make you smile. But what about those friends and family members who might be going through a hard time and are grieving this time of year?

The holidays can be hard because they often serve as a reminder of who is missing. While finding the right gift for someone who’s grieving might not fix everything, it’s a gentle reminder that they’re loved by those around them.

From gifts to help them smile to gifts that’ll remind them of their missing loved one, use this holiday season to help those in your life who find this time of year particularly hard.

Below, check out our guide to sentimental gifts for someone dealing with grief this holiday season — because they deserve it.

Take a look:

A "So Sorry" Harry And David basket
Harry And David
A nice Harry And David basket, for when you just don’t know what else to say. Get it at Harry And David.
A card that's different from the rest
Emily McDowell
A card that’ll make them smile, but that also tells it like it is. Get it from Emily McDowell.
A blanket made of their old tees
Project Repat USA
Help them turn their loved one’s collection of shirts, jerseys or other fabrics into a blanket they can snuggle with whenever they are feeling sad. Get it from Project Repat.
A pin about the good things to come
Emily McDowell
This “Braverite” fantasy stone pin and card that “enhances the resolve to pick up the broken pieces and create something beautiful.” It’s a nice gift that puts into words what most of us cannot. Get it at Emily McDowell.
Their handwriting, memorialized
Have something lying around with their signature or handwriting on it? Turn it into a memorable gift by having a loved one's words put on a necklace or bracelet for them to wear. Etsy seller CaitlynMinimalist creates unique, one-of-a-kind personalized handwriting jewelry in a variety of styles and colors. Get it on Etsy.
A personalized photo book
Pictures speak a thousand words. Create a photo album they can flip through on their own time. They’ll love having their favorite photos in one place, you’ll love knowing you gifted them something they’ll enjoy forever. Get it at MixBook.
A way to get out their pent-up feelings
Workout classes like kickboxing are an easy way to get out a whole closet-full of emotions. What better place than a fist to the bag? If you’re not sure what workout your giftee will enjoy best, we recommend a ClassPass gift card so they can try out several workouts. They’re guaranteed never to get bored. Get it at ClassPass.
A personalized bottle opener
Was the person they are grieving someone they'd have a drink with? This personalized memorial bottle opener lets them tap glasses every time they crack open a cold one. Get it on Etsy.
Plant a tree in their memory
Uncommon Goods
Consider planting a tree in the name of someone who’s gone. It’s a gift you can't go wrong with. This olive tree is a nice reminder of things to come. Get it at Uncommon Goods.
A personalized book of support
Emily McDowell
This sweet book that’s a secret weapon of support. Fill in the blanks, and this book transforms to a personalized gift for your friend who’s going through something shitty. Get it from Emily McDowell.
A sympathy ornament
Sympathy or memorial ornaments are a way to spread some extra love during the holiday. Personalize it for an extra special touch that will light up their tree, like this wooden photo ornament or this personalized memorial ornament. Get them on Etsy.
A journal they'll want to write in
Not everyone likes to talk about their feelings. This leather-bound journal is a great way for them to get their thoughts on paper, even if it’s just for themselves. Get it on Amazon.
A pin they'll appreciate
Emily McDowell
The things that require the most courage often go unrecognized. Give them this pin that puts into words what they’re going through — and recognizes it as the feat it is. Get it from Emily McDowell.
Personalized wind chimes
Personalization Mall
Who doesn’t love wind chimes? You can personalize these wind chimes with a name, message and even a tune. Get it at Personalization Mall.
A gift that takes care of dinner for them so they don't have to
If the loss of their loved one was recent, don’t underestimate the power of a home-cooked meal. Send some groceries their way or, better yet, meals they won’t have to cook at all. Grab a GrubHub gift card so they can choose from their favorite local restaurants. It’s a small gesture they’ll appreciate. Grab a gift card at GrubHub.
A useful book
Books are a great gift anytime, but this book hits an encouraging note for those dealing with the grief. It’s a good way to remind them it’s OK not to be OK. Get it on Amazon.
Pay for their treatment at a spa or salon
freelancer via Getty Images
Gve your friend or loved one a stress-free spa or salon day to help them relax. Find a spa near them using Spa Finder, snag a gift card, and they’ll be on their way to relaxation.
If they'd rather DIY it, a care package from Lush
Make them a kick-ass care package from Lush for an at-home spa day if they’d rather DIY it. Browse relaxation products at Lush.
A donation to a cause they're passionate about
baona via Getty Images
Not every gift needs to be tangible. Consider donating to a charity that is near and dear to their heart this holiday season instead.
Drop in and offer your time
Hispanolistic via Getty Images
Offer your time and help. They won’t ask for it, but they’ll definitely appreciate it.