13 Sweet Thoughts Stepparents Have About Their Stepkids

“My heart melts when my stepdaughter runs to me.”

Most people don't plan on becoming a stepparent. Still, the relationships stepmoms and stepdads share with their spouses' kids are often incredibly rewarding.

Below, 13 people on Whisper, an app that lets users share their thoughts anonymously, share heartfelt confessions about life as a stepparent.

As a stepmom I love it when the kids come to me for help or want to learn
how to cook dinner. Our bond is only getting stronger and my heart is so
full of love ❤️
My stepkids are adorably sweet to me. Honestly i couldn
I went to pick up my stepdaughter at school. She despises the word stepmom
(Thanks Disney)She tugs the teachers arm and says "Look, do you believe me
now? I TOLD You I have a fairy Godmother!"
My stepdaughter called me mom today ♡ I can never have my own kids and I
never thought I
My heart melts when my stepdaughter runs to me or when we
I feel like I was always meant to be a dad, and being a stepdad is such a
great start for me. I love our kids more than anything!
Being a stepfather to two wonderful boys really made me mature as a man. I
want to set the best example for them.
Being a stepmom isn
Being a step parent is a rough job... But going to bed every night knowing
that you are loved by kids who aren
Being a stepmom is the most rewarding thing in life.. Getting a chance to
love someone
Life as a stepmom is busy but I wouldn
Loving someone else
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