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15 Thoughts That Go Through A Guy's Head Before He Proposes

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life."

Getting down on bended knee to pop the question is one of the most nerve-racking things a person will ever do.

Understandably, the buildup to the big moment can be fraught with all kinds of feelings. Below, 15 men on Whisper, an app where users share their secrets anonymously, reveal their innermost pre-proposal thoughts.

I'm proposing Saturday, I love the plan, I know she will say yes, I just can't wait to watch her melt.
Girlfriend starts chemo tomorrow  I'm proposing to her when she gets back so she knows I'll never leave her
my girlfriend has no idea when I'm proposing to her or when I'm getting the ring and I'm loving the fact that she thinks it's so far away when in reality it's closer than she thinks.
I'm about to propose to my girlfriend. I could not be more nervous. My hands are shaking!!! I'm so excited!!!!
I'm proposing to my girlfriend but her mother doesn't approve since she doesn't know me enough should I care?
I'm going to propose to  my girlfriend of 5 years  by surprising her with  a lab puppy bringing  her the ring
I'm proposing to my girlfriend this evening but I'm afraid she'll think the diamond is too small :(
My gf and I are going on vacation alone for the first time together. If all goes well, I'm proposing in the spot where we met during study abroad.
I want to propose to my girlfriend before I leave for deployment but I'm scared of what her dad will think and not give me his blessing
I sold my xbox and all my games for her engagement ring. I'm proposing on a date tonight.
I'm proposing to my girlfriend this week, and I want to make it perfect but I don't know what to say before getting down on my knee. Or at any point tbh
I'm proposing to my girlfriend soon but I'm scared the idea I have is a bad way to ask.
I'm proposing to my girlfriend soon. Her parents approve, but mine don't. It doesn't matter to me though because it's my life and I'm in love.
I'm about to propose to her and I am feeling great. I've never been more sure of anything in my life!
I'm a guy who's about to propose. I just hope I found her dream ring... I think I picked up on all the hints

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