23 Thoughts Non-Runners Have On A Run

"Do not stop to pet the dog. Do not stop to pet the dog."

Running is arguably one of the simplest, yet most beneficial forms of cardio. It can help you ward off heart disease, maintain a healthy weight and even boost your mental wellbeing.

Despite all of its magical health perks, starting a regular running routine isn’t exactly a breeze. As any beginner can attest, the process can give you sore muscles, lead to sweat in areas you didn’t even know existed and make you easily winded.

If you’re new to the running game, take heart in the fact that you’re certainly not alone in how you feel. The emotions that come with a new running routine run the gamut from elated to exhausted.

Below are just a few thoughts that flash through a non-runner’s mind as they hit the pavement:

1. I can totally do this.

2. Wow, this really isn’t so bad.

3. Maybe I should sign up for a marathon?

4. Look at that slow poke. Let’s run past them.

5. So, this is getting a little difficult...

6. Just focus on your breathing.

7. I can’t wait to get home and watch Netflix.

8. I hate this song.

9. That couple up ahead is running and talking to each other.


11. Ow, ow, ow side cramp.

11. Okay, maybe I’ll slow down a little bit.

12. Do not stop to pet the dog. Do not stop to pet the dog.

14. Let’s pick the pace back up.

15. I wonder how long I’ve been doing this.

16. Not even two miles?

17. I am never running again.

18. No seriously, this is a terrible way to exercise.

19. I need to drink a gallon of water when this is over.

20. That light pole up ahead is the finish line.

21. Is this ever going to end?

22. So. Close.

23. I am a fitness master! I am IMMORTAL!

That runner’s high is worth every mile.

As the first thought says, you can do this.

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