Thoughts on 2005

To me, the big event of '05 was George Bush demonstrating that the Era of Small Lies is over.

But not small thinking. Isn't it stupid that he always has to try to appoint a Texan to everything? Attorney General, Supreme Court, Texas where the great minds all are now and I missed it?

I would take some pride in saying "I told you so" to the people who just this year realized what a bonehead he is, but it was so fucking obvious from the beginning that I just can't!

Maybe next election, people will start to think, who gives a damn if I want to have a beer with this guy?

Not to feed the idea that Arianna and I engage in logrolling, but it should be noted that this blog thing of hers was a very big event in 2005. And how perfect that the big story that she was way, way, way out in front of everyone on -- and for months -- the Judy Miller fiasco -- was a story about how the media, even the media we most respect, is off its pedestal and there is a vital need for alternative news narrative.

And this is coming from someone who only recently started enjoying e-mail and the internet, and I'm sorry I missed out for so long. I am on the page with this technology thing, oh yes I am. I may have been a little late to the party, but I get it now, it's all about the new technologies, and I try to convince everyone I know of that. In fact, just yesterday I fired off a telegram to a good friend of mine on just this subject -- I had an epiphany about the joys and wonders of our modern instantaneous means of communication, and I went right down to the Western Union office and dictated it: "New technology the way to go -- STOP"!

Oh, it was joyful. I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Yes, Christmas. I hate religion, but all that "holiday" shit is so annoying, every time I hear it I want to go join the priesthood. And I don't even like kids.