Thoughtful Hostess Gifts Guaranteed to Get You Invited Back Next Year (Pending Your Level of Bad-Drunk Behavior)

Enough with the usual bottle of liquor that will be gone by New Year’s Day and the flowers that will start wilting before you’ve had your second glass of champagne – give your hostess a memorable gift that she can actually put to use this holiday season. If you’re interested in making an impression at her party (and not like the impression you left last year when you got so drunk you almost knocked the Christmas tree over) give her one of these gifts to future forgive for whatever you may or may not say after your third glass of bubbly this year.

Having a bunch of people in your house means those incubuses of plague can spread their germs all over the place. Gift a large bottle of Cloud of Protection, a combination of anti-microbial essential oils used to fight airborne bacteria. According to creator Nieves, “these plant essences have been used through the ages to clear the air of negativity and cleanse the space,” which means your hostess can clear out any bad-drunk juju left behind. Tip: Tell your hostess to place a bottle in the loo. The label is distinctive enough to garner attention which means guests will be encouraged to spritz after they’ve, ahem, used the facilities.

There is guest soap and then there is Claus Porto. Known for making beautifully fragranced and packaged soaps since the early 20th century, Claus Porto created this unique collection of nine soaps from their Deco collection. Wrapped in designs featuring original graphics from the company’s archives, these colorful soaps come in nine different delicious scents.

This lightweight natural body milk created by New York Times beauty columnist Bee Shapiro is as intoxicating as it is moisturizing. Imagine walking through a dewy garden filled with roses and peonies… Wait, are those Sicilian lemons I smell on the wind? Perhaps it’s from the neighboring villa’s citrus grove. Yeah, this body milk will take your hostess to her happy place. She will also love that this non-toxic lotion is packed with skin-loving ingredients like nourishing Rosehip Oil, calming Camellia, and hydrating Meadowfoam oil.

How classy is it to bring a salad cookbook to your veggie-loving hosts? Um, very. Your hosts will salivate over these ingenious recipes from Bay Area chef Elizabeth Howes, all based on the iconic Burmese Tea Leaf Salad. Bonus: Giving this book almost guarantees you an invitation to dinner in 2017.

If you could capture every delicious scent of the holidays and trap them in a bottle (or three in this case), it would smell like this trio of room diffusers from Nest Fragrances. Perfect for the hostess who doesn’t like to burn candles but loves fragrance (perhaps she has allergies or babies), the three mini reed diffusers come in Holiday (spicy, fruity, woodsy) Birchwood Pine (think winter forest after a snow), and Hearth (crackling fire). Your hostess can place the diffusers in separate rooms to appreciate each essence, or put them all together for an aroma orgasm.

If your hostess prefers a scented candle to a reed diffuser, go for this sophisticated version of holiday in a candle from Context. Housed in a chic matte black tumbler jar, the 100% soy candle has top notes of White Fir Needles and Vanilla, middle notes of Mandarin Orange and Cinnamon, and the base is Cedarwood Musk.

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