Thousands Take to the Streets of Buenos Aires to Protest

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take to the streets in Buenos Aires to challenge Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner's administration.

Opposition leaders will join the "18A" rally which urges Argentinians to say "enough."

Upset over inflation and the currency exchange rate, protesters will take to the street after the Periodismo Para Todos news show hosted by Jorge Lanata, a journalist and leading Kirchner critic.

"18A" supporters intend to show their rejection of the governmental efforts to reform the judiciary which has already received approval in the first round of voting by both Houses of Congress.

"We are legislators and we were elected by popular vote. There is no such sublime moment for democracy than elections," head of the Lower House Victory Front's caucus Agustín Rossi told reporters.

The historic Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires will be the focal point for the protests. Shows of solidarity will also be in other cities such as Cordoba, Mendoza, Rosario and Mar Del Plata.

Protests are also scheduled for Argentina's embassies in Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Italy, America and Israel.