10 Threats Impacting South Florida's Environment (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

LOOK: 10 Challenges Facing South Florida's Environment

On Saturday, people around the world will literally be joining hands in a sign of solidarity to protect the planet's oceans.

"Hands Across The Sand" will happen in South Florida, too, as locals connect to form a line across our shorlines, demonstrating against offshore drilling and pushing for cleaner enery.

In Miami Beach, there are plans to hold hands at Haulover and two strips of shore in South Beach; in Fort Lauderdale, multiple locations will host the protest.

However, with such a diverse ecosystem and wildlife throughout the state, offshore drilling is just one of many threats to Florida's environment. Matt Schwartz, executive director of the South Florida Wildlands Association, compiled a list of other crucial environmental issues facing South Florida.

"If we’re not going to have an ecosystem, we’re not going to have an economy, and we’ve gotten away with it for a long time," said Schwartz, who will participating at Hands Across The Sand in Fort Lauderdale. "We’re not going to get away with it for much longer."

See what 10 threats South Florida should be worried about, according to the South Florida Wildlands Association:

1. Public Lands

10 Challenges Facing South Florida's Environment

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