Three Black Volleyball Athletes Salute Kaepernick, Kneel During Anthem

“Everyone should be treated equally, no matter their color, age, sex, anything," one of the players said.

Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the national anthem has inspired many athletes to follow suit, including three black college volleyball players at West Virginia Tech University.

The student athletes showed their support of Kaepernick’s act of defiance by kneeling as “The Star-Spangled Banner” played at the start of their game on Wednesday.

Keyona Morrow, who is the vice president of the university’s Black Student Union organization, said she and her teammates participated in the protest because they agree with Kaepernick’s stance in speaking out against the systemic oppression of black people in America.

“Everyone should be treated equally, no matter their color, age, sex, anything,” Morrow told WCHS news. “Everyone needs to be treated the same way.”

The players, whose names have not all yet been identified, join professional athletes across a variety of teams who have also saluted Kaepernick’s efforts and pursued similar actions.

“He’s exercising his right to choose to sit or stand, so you have to recognize that he’s got that right,” Morrow said. “I hope that it just makes people reconsider before they judge someone for something.”

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