Three Bridge Chasm Is Unlike Any Waterfall We've Ever Seen

The Only Thing Better Than A Waterfall Is A Triple Waterfall

We've seen some hidden waterfalls and some inspirational waterfalls and some fabulously hike-able waterfalls... but all of those were just one, singular waterfall.

Behold: a rare TRIPLE waterfall, better known as the Baatara Gorge Waterfall or Three Bridge Chasm. Mountain meltwater slowly carved the three-tiered wonder over thousands of years, cutting through Jurassic limestone in the forests outside the Lebanese city of Beirut.

Nowadays, when the mountain snow melts, crystal ribbons of water shoot through three separate holes -- separated by bridges -- into a dark and spooky cave below.

Waterfall fans with a case of wanderlust can get to Three Bridge Chasm from Lebanon's capital city of Beirut -- it's about a two-hour drive through the foothills, vineyards and olive groves of the Lebanese countryside.

Once you're there, hike across cliff tops to the falls. The best time to visit is March or April, when the meltwater flows at its strongest. Visitors can enter the waterfall chamber and stare down at the dizzying lineup of stone bridges and caverns.

You know what they say: don't go chasing waterfalls... unless it's a triple waterfall.

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