Three Companies That Are Disrupting The Wedding Industry

Three Companies That Are Disrupting The Wedding Industry
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Weddings are supposed to be a happy time. For those who have actually lived through one, you know this is never really the case. While the idea of the wedding is happy, the preparation can be a nightmare. Thankfully, ingenious minds from the service industry have disrupted the way we plan our weddings, and have slowly replaced stress with that happiness we all dream about.

The dreaded groomsmen fittings:

The groomsmen (and the groom) hate getting fitted for tuxedos. In fact, it is probably one of the least likely things they look forward to when preparing for the wedding. No longer do you need to wait at the tailor to have someone take your exact measurements (and countless hours you will never get back on your life). Websites such as Menguin have surfaced that take care of everything without having to leave the house.

Here's how it works:

Simply place the order online for the style and color you want. You can enter your size online (and there is a video to show you how to measure) and your tux comes a week before the wedding. If there are any issues with the fit, they replace what is needed in time for the wedding. When the wedding is over, simply mail it back in the package provided.

Getting the right gift without the legwork:

The way we register for gifts has also taken a major turn. Just about every store now allows you the option of an online registry. Simply log into your account, add items, and then email your guests. But some websites are taking it a step further.

Take for example, a website recently used by Princess Madeleine of Sweden for her wedding registry. It allows couples to register for gifts from various stores all in one location. No longer is there a need to go to Target, Walmart, Macy's, and 10 other stores to register for gifts. You can do them all online in one place without having to go through the stress of pulling the trigger on a pricing gun in a crowded store. For those expecting children, MyRegistry also does the same for baby registries.

Choosing and saving money on the venue:

Yes, there is even an easier way to pick out a wedding venue other than visiting place after place and bartering for the perfect discount (assuming the day you want is available). Along come websites such as Wedding Spot which allow you to search for and compare local wedding venues. It's like for wedding halls.

Instead of using Google to narrow down a list of venues, you simply enter a zip code into the search on Wedding Spot and you will be presented with a list of venues. You can check dates as well as compare prices, all of the questions you normally have when visiting one of these places in person.


While wedding planning will never be completely stress free, various service providers are doing their part to move us in that direction. With the help of online registries, mail order tuxedos, and venue comparison services, we can hopefully enjoy more of the happiness and fewer of the nightmares associated with the planning.

Were you able to relieve stress through any disruptive technology? Would love to hear about it below.

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