Three Cubes Colliding: A 3D Printed Kite Spectacular (VIDEO)


There are many small joys that children get to indulge in while adults do not. Nap time, graham crackers, duck-duck-goose. Yet this architecturally arresting 3D printed kite scores one for the grown-ups by showing that adults can make a cooler kite than a kid ever could.

This kite, called 'Three Cubes Colliding,' is made of carbon fiber spars, Cuben Fiber fabric, and 1,700 3D printed connectors, and the best part is it actually works. The piece is simultaneously a complex and mesmerizing formal accomplishment and a light, airy ode to innocent play.

It was made by Heather and Ivan Morison, Sash Reading and Queen and Crawford. Watch the beautiful melding of childhood and adulthood, technology and nature, the future and the present, below.

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