Three Decades Of Trump's Russian Ties Exposed In One Democratic Coalition Report

Three Decades Of Trump's Russian Ties Exposed In One Democratic Coalition Report
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<p>Left: <a href="">Donald Trump</a> in Moscow 2013. Right: Russian former USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev shakes hands with Donald Trump</p>

Left: Donald Trump in Moscow 2013. Right: Russian former USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev shakes hands with Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been visiting Moscow since 1987, has extensive Russian business ties and is lying to the American public by denying his active businesses and multi-decade venture to extend the Trump Organization into that country.

That’s the conclusion of a Democratic Coalition report written by Scott Dworkin, which provides a 24-point explainer of the President-elect’s lengthy ties to Russia.

“This evidence further calls into question the recent conclusion made by the FBI,” said Dworkin about America’s top federal law enforcement, “which stated that there was no clear connection between President-elect Trump and Russia to be found.”

President Obama reviewed an earlier draft of the “Dworkin Report” immediately following the election.

This final “Dworkin Report” details Trump and Vladimir Putin’s shared network of friends, allies and associates, a video interview in which the President-elect unmistakably and forcefully tells MSNBC that he has a relationship with Putin - TWICE - and the 250 Trump-branded companies which pose an immediate threat to America’s national security.

Each one of those companies is a threat to America’s sovereignty if Trump is inaugurated, since he can easily use them to obscure the receipt of foreign emoluments or payments.

Just like Trump’s Saudi Arabian companies - some of which he claims have been closed, while others remain open - it’s not only unseemly for an American President to hold foreign corporations or off-shore companies, it presents an avenue towards corruption that’s forbidden in our Constitution.

Throughout the campaign, the Trump team has been permeated with Russian influence at the highest levels:

Paul Manafort - a Manhattan Trump Tower resident - who led a pro-Kremlin oligarch Victor Yanukovich into power to Carter Page who is today making official appearances after pretending to quit the campaign in September to the man who presumes to serve as America’s National Security Advisor who took time to have dinner with Putin at the offices of Russia’s RT propaganda department.

Some of those ties are detailed in the below report.

In a campaign where the Republican nominee lied often to deflect investigations of his companies’ many bankruptcies, Donald Trump has in fact succeeded in building a Russian business and brand while successfully - and ironically - keeping the details secret.

Russia is the brag too far for Donald Trump, but the evidence of his open communication with the Kremlin is not just voluminous, but it’s video recorded, for all of the world to see, even if America’s mainstream press is in denial about the accumulation of facts.

The “Dworkin Report” accumulates those facts over a twenty six year period and they directly contradict Donald Trump’s repeated denial of Russian business interests or ties - direct or otherwise - to Vladimir Putin.

Last night, the Trump Transition team named Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson - who completed a $500 billion dollar oil deal with Putin - as the presumptive Secretary of State.

He’s considered to be the singular American closest to Vladimir Putin.

Tillerson has won the Russian “Order of Friendship” award.

America’s electoral college hasn’t voted yet, and already Donald Trump has proven that his foreign loyalties are deep and wide.

And Russian.

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