Three Food Concepts That Conquered Kickstarter

When you read about the companies that raise money on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter they are usually mobile applications, games, or cool electronics. Kickstarter is full of amazing projects, many fail because no one knows they exist. One area we hear little to nothing about, but is gaining traction are the amazingly delicious edible products that are raising capital.

If you are a foodie, these three new Kickstarters that recently launched in February are bringing some new tasty snacks to the market. What do they all have in common? They are organic, fresh products that will fix that craving whether you are looking for something sweet, salty or somewhere in between. According to Kickstarter, only 39.29% of projects are successfully funded, among that 39.29% includes these three great projects:

Green Pea Cookie: Three cookie lovers took a recipe originating in Singapore and over the course of 5 months created a recipe with their own twist before launching their Kickstarter campaign. Green Pea Cookie is made from crunchy roasted green peas that offer a combination of a sweet and savory taste. They are 100% vegan and offer gluten-free options for all three of their cookies. Their flavors include original green pea, chocolate-dipped green pea and cranberry green pea. Best thing about them? You can eat up to 6 and only consume 100 calories. Who doesn't love to overindulge just a little bit? Singaporean native Sean Tan, CEO/Co-Founder of Green Pea Cookie became inspired once he saw how quickly his co-workers in California devoured the original green pea cookies he brought over from Singapore. After realizing the potential this treat had he decided to team up with fellow Singaporean friend Fiona Lee and American co-worker Larissa Russell to make Green Pea Cookie come to life! Within 7 hours of launching their Kickstarter they had already met their goal of $5,000. As of today they have exceeded their goal by 397% with more than 25,000 cookies pledged. Maybe green peas aren't so bad after all.

PMS Bites: Almost every woman on this planet knows what it's like to deal with "that time of the month". Between the mood swings and food cravings this makes for one unhappy individual. CEO/Founder of PMS Bites, Tania Green took it upon herself to find a way to make this time a little easier by creating a healthy alternative that women didn't have to feel guilty about consuming when craving something sweet. After a lot of experimenting in the kitchen and perfecting her recipe, Green decided to launch her Kickstarter. In less than 15 hours PMS Bites matched its goal of $5,000 and continues to draw backers. As of now it has exceeded its goal by 129%. PMS Bites are chocolaty bite-size treats that contain gluten-free, organic, vegan ingredients and herbs that are known to help with PMS symptoms like bloating and cramping. They come in three flavors including original chocolate, coconut and pecan. Green has put aside her career as a marketing consultant to pursue her passion of making PMS Bites a success. Just because these are aimed towards women doesn't mean you have to be one to enjoy them!

Savory Harvest:
What started out as a master thesis project led to a career-changing moment. Co-Founders Lisa Murray & Tom Senters share a passion for food and pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Tired of the same old sweet snack bar, they decided it was time for a change. Both have decided to fully exit the corporate world to pursue this new endeavor. Together they created the Savory Harvest snack bars that are gluten-free and soy-free, including popular healthy ingredients such as almonds, peppers, kale, spinach, and sun-dried tomato to name a few. Currently they offer three kinds of bars such as Italian, BBQ and Sriracha, all with a hint of zesty spices and cheese. After a year of prepping and testing their products with family and friends, Murray and Senters decided to launch their Kickstarter, which reached its funding goal of $10,000 in just a few days. They have now reached nearly double their amount, exceeding their goal at 192% with still two weeks to go. Looks like they weren't the only two who were craving a snack without a hint of sweetness.

Despite sounding delicious in their descriptions along with enticing imagery, what else led these Kickstarters to success? All three of them not only planned months to a year ahead, but widely tested their product to evaluate the demand and build their reputation. Rarely does success happen overnight. Sure, as everything else in life luck tends to play a part but defining your target audience and knowing how to market your product will greatly increase your chances of reaching your goal. Food for thought, aye?