3 Girls Narrowly Escape Being Crushed Under School Elevator (VIDEO)

Lunch at Classen School of Advanced Studies went from curiosity to life-threatening when three female students became trapped underneath an elevator, KFOR reports.

The girls reportedly went into the elevator shaft to see if they could open the doors from inside, but while trying to leave, the trio accidentally hit the elevator call button, causing the lift to descend down over them. In a desperate attempt, one of the girls wedged her boot in between the elevator and the ground, allowing the girls just 8 inches of space. Frantically, they called 911.

Through their screams, the dispatcher was able to determine what had happened, and rescuers got the girls out in about half an hour.

Ambri Tygard described being crushed by the elevator to KWTV News 9.

"My legs were on top of there and the bar had smooshed this part of my leg so it cut off the circulation down here," said Tygard.

In response to the incident, Oaklahoma City Public Schools released a statement assuring parents that they are taking it seriously, KFOR reports.

"Procedures are being reviewed to ensure annual inspections take place without delay.

We will ensure the annual inspections are conducted in a timely manner and are requesting an annual elevator inspection from the City of Oklahoma City at their earliest convenience.

Oklahoma City Public Schools is continuing the investigation into how the incident occurred and will take appropriate steps to eliminate any future possibility of this happening again."

Parent Ty Milton has a sixth-grade daughter at the school who must use the elevator everyday because she is wheelchair-bound. In a separate report, he told KFOR that he's been worried about the safety of the lift for some time.

"This is an accident that's not only been waiting to happen, but it's going to continue to happen," he told the station.

After their rescue, one of the girls had to be transported through emergency services, and the two others suffered minor leg and back injuries.

Liz Smith, one of the girls, said that while they waited for help, one friend kept their spirits up.

"Savanna kept saying we were going to live, we're going to be okay."