Three life lessons that hula hooping has taught me

I am a hula hoop instructor and performer.  I train and learn every day. I have to push myself out of my comfort zone on a regular basis, and there are things i have done that I never thought I would achieve.  There are  lessons I have learned from this that relate to so much more than the act of hula hooping.  Here are three lessons that I learned from my hula hooping activities that have had an impact on the rest of my life.

1) When a task, a  plan, or an idea seems just too hard for you to deal with - almost impossible sometimes - determination and hard work will make it happen, but making a start  is the hardest part.  Have that first go.  Take that first step.  When you break the impossible task down into baby steps and take it one step at at time, the impossible can be achievable.  

Find someone who has been where you are to learn from, to inspire you, or to model from.  Don’t give up.One day what is impossible now will be your warm up!

2)You don’t have to do everything on your own.  Asking for or looking for help is not admitting weakness or defeat.  A teacher or mentor, whether real life, an internet connection, or an online resource can be a valuable friend, ally or source of information and inspiration.  Ask for help when you need it.  Reach for support if you are struggling.  You will probably find you are not the only one struggling, and you could find a network of support and encouragement out there.

3) You are capable of so much more than you realise.  I hear people say (and say to myself) so often “ I just can’t do this”, “I’ve never been any good at this”, “I’m too old/fat/tired now”.  But let’s stop limiting ourselves and putting ourselves down so quickly.  Let’s try something new when we get the opportunity - or go out and find that opportunity and grab it! Do that thing you always wanted to do, but the time was never right/insert your reason here! Are you scared of trying or scared of failing? Be scared of regretting missed opportunities instead.  

Think about retraining for the career you want.  Like what you see when you look in the mirror - don’t pick out what you see as flaws.   I know I do this to myself all the bloody time, but i am noticing me doing it now and trying to turn it around.  Stop saying “I can’t / I’m too old / I’m too overweight / I’m too scared” and start telling yourself “I am going to do this / I will try it today / I feel fantastic / I am proud of myself”.  You can accomplish so much if you give yourself a chance.


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