Three Mosque Questions

Three Mosque Questions
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Quick question 1: Who hired the Democrats to do PR work for the Muslims? Quick question 2: In the 1400 years of the Islamic faith did Muslims ever need anyone -- let alone a group of goat-rodeo-herding Democrats -- to secure them their religious freedom? Quick question 3: Don't Democrats already have enough to do, worry about, talk about, and/or fix right now than to be worried about getting the Muslim's proverbial back on the mosque "issue?" Democrats have mid-term elections this Fall. Obama's numbers are getting lower by the hour. The economy is teetering on the brink. We've officially ended "combat" in Iraq yet thousands of our troops remain there as sitting ducks. Afghanistan is a downright debacle. Our infrastructure, schools, and healthcare system are in shambles...etc. Yes, the list of complex issues facing this country and its "leaders" is long and dismal. Yet it would seem that Democrats prefer to only comment about the more simplistic wisdom of building a mosque in downtown Manhattan. Fancy that. Admittedly, Republicans are damn good at creating false flags; sitting back and watching Democrats swallow the bait and chase their own tales ad infinitum while Rome burns is how the Republicans win most elections. But this time around, do Democrats really have the luxury of reaching for the ripe red herring served up on the Republican's shiny platter? I don't think so. Let's cut to the chase. Here are two cold facts as to why mosques in general (and located anywhere) should make anyone and everyone nervous. First, they can serve as a convenient venue for radical groups like al-Qaeda to recruit potential terrorists. And second, they can also serve as a potential conduit for funding terrorist activities. Yet has any Republican used these facts as to why he or she is against the mosque in lower Manhattan? Likewise, has any Democrat discussed these facts and appropriately dismissed them because they don't pertain to this particular Imam and his mosque? Has anyone asked the Director of the FBI, Treasury's TFFC, NYC's JTTF, or NYPD's Counter Terrorism Division what he thinks? What are the statistics? Where's the empirical (not emotional) evidence as to any real risk posed by this mosque? To me, first and foremost, it should always come down to a question of national security: Are lives genuinely in danger by placing a mosque in downtown Manhattan? Sadly, nobody seems to be asking or answering that question. The Republicans' shameless hypocrisy of race-baiting under the guise of national security is laughable given the fact that if Republicans really gave a damn about keeping downtown Manhattan safe they'd have insisted that Senator Susan Collins drop her obstructionist wand last month when chemical and water treatment plant security legislation was up for a vote in the Senate. But they didn't.

Now, thanks to Senator Collins and her Republican cohorts, the Kuehne Chemical Plant in South Kearny, NJ (along with more than one hundred other plants across the country) remain woefully unsafe--placing millions, including those in lower Manhattan, instantly at risk should any type of accident or terrorist attack take place. Picture lungs melting just like the steel in the Twin Towers on 9/11. Not a pretty picture. Next, we have the breathless Democrats, with Constitution gripped tightly in hand, who remain simplistically concerned with their vexing need to stamp out the growing anti-Muslim sentiment (only) they perceive as dangerously sweeping across our country. They're riding to the rescue of the Muslims!

But how about riding to the rescue of Americans who have real tangible problems, are actually desperately seeking help and have nobody getting their backs? Now admittedly, Democrats are correct in their sensing of an undercurrent of growing emotion washing across the U.S. It's just not any emotion directed towards Muslims. It's the subtle slow burn of despondency, growing frustration, and downright anger about the absolute vacuum of genuine, solid, clear, and unabated leadership -- Republican or Democrat -- plaguing this country. That's the growing wave of rage they all should be worrying about.

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