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Three Phases

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There are three basic phases to transition through from Childhood -- where it's everyone else's fault -- To Adulthood -- where we take responsibility for our choices and finally to taking the actions of Complaining, Blaming, and Reclaiming.

Complaining is obvious to everyone hearing you rant on and on about "If only the world was the way I think it should be".

Blaming is obvious to everyone at the other end your proclamation is that "the real culprit is anyone except me".

Reclaiming is not so obvious because it is the process of hearing yourself Complain, recognizing that you Blame, and then bringing it all back to you (where it belongs) so that the decision to be an adult can be activated ... and Getting Over Your Self is a precursor to the process of reclaiming your adulthood, which is not always easy with so many years of allowing yourself to remain a child.

Think of it this way ... our entire infancy was spent crying (acceptable for a creature without words) about what was not acceptable: I'm too hot, I'm too cold, I'm hungry, I'm tired. Then in our adolescence we discover how blaming others could get us out of trouble, which is where our decisions about morality determine how we justify our excuses. Finally, adulthood where we are faced with the constant choice to embrace or fight off the comfort of taking the easy way out.

Eventually, we find our selves next to the slippery slope that allows our more evolved self to slide back into our childlike habits of complaining and blaming ... or living as an adult.