Top Three Reasons NBC Fired Donald Trump

NBC fired Donald Trump today.

Last week Trump's Miss Universe pageant was dropped by Univision.

Both networks are reacting to racist remarks by the Republican Primary contender, who is currently running second in the New Hampshire polls, ahead of Marco Rubio and only slightly trailing "Jeb!" Bush.

When it comes to venomous racial bile, nobody will Trump the Donald.

Univision took note, and this should concern Trump, since they're part of the ABC network too.

If the Republican Party is looking to win latino votes, maybe insulting the nearest and dearest country to America's south isn't the best start.

1. Donald Trump HATES Mexico

This is a direct quote from The Donald during last week's Republican primary race entry speech:

"Mexico is not our friend, they're killing us economically. The US has become a dumping ground for everyone else's problems, and these are the best and the finest. Mexico is sending people with lots of problems, they're doing drugs, they're bringing crime and rape. It's coming from all over South and Latin America and probably from the Middle East."

Rather kind of The Donald to sweep all of South America and the Middle East into his swamp of racial stereotyping and generalization to keep Mexico from feeling totally alone here.

I guess if Latino entertainer Pitbull is nicknamed Mr. Worldwide, then the reality TV star Donald Trump should be called Mr. Hates Worldwide from now on.

2. Donald Trump Is Obsessed with the Southern Border, Uninterested in Completely Unguarded Canadian border

Trump's childish fantasies of building the best border fence ever were one of his campaign platform's center pieces.

The Donald's focus on "The Border" to our south paints it exclusively as a place where Mexicans steal jobs, sell cars, rape and doing drugs while they migrate illegally.

What about the insecure Canadian border?

Not one mention in a 45 minute speech.

Trump waxed poetically about his wall building abilities, about the quality of his beloved wall, and how he would build a wall under budget too. His pitch to imbue golf courses with Trump developer's magic somehow migrated into becoming his pitch to the Republican Party to be elected Wall Builder in Chief.

Has anyone told The Donald about, say... the Berlin Wall being an icon of oppression?

Walls have consequences.

3. Donald Trump Hates Free Trade If Mexico is Involved, Canada Not So Much

Trump is ready to call the head of Ford Motor Company -- whom he knows -- and as President would say:

"Congratulations. For every car that comes across 'the border,' we're charging a 35% tax (import tariff) paid up front coming across that border" for establishing a $2.3 billion dollar plant south of the border.

Why is he so upset that a hispanic country like Mexico has middle class manufacturing jobs, but unconcerned about Canada's automotive job stealing antics?

Canada sold more than $44 billion dollars worth of cars and parts to the United States in 2012 alone.

The United States accounts for 97% of the Canadian auto industry's exports in turn employing 550,000 Canadian workers and paying for their social healthcare with cars purchased with our US Dollars.

I guess NAFTA isn't part of the President Trump agenda either?

Either that, or he just really hates Mexicans.