Winter drinks…they’re a main culprit of additional calories during the holiday season and all. winter. long.

Say buh-bye to high-calorie, sugary drinks.

Say hello to these 3 cozy cocktail swaps.

Now you can joyfully sip and still zip your pants when the NY rolls around. Cheers.

1. Hot Toddy

hot water + lemon juice + whisky + honey

My favorite winter cocktail because you get all of the benefits of HLW, with a little adult fun.

Pro-tip: Make a hot apple toddy by using apple cinnamon tea instead of plain water.

2. Winter Sangria

brewed chai tea + red or white wine + sliced pears & clementines

Using 1/2 tea + 1/2 wine cuts calories in half.

Pro-tip: Serve cold or simmering in a pot like spiced wine.

3. Cardamom Spritz

prosecco + cardamom bitters

A flute of prosecco is already one of the lowest calorie alcoholic drinks – the cardamom adds seasonal flare.

Pro-tip: Use sparkling water instead of prosecco for a non-alcoholic version.


Featured in “InStyle” Magazine 

Try these SuperSwaps at your next post-work get-together and you won’t stick out for being a goody-goody or for how tipsy you get in front of your coworkers.

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