Three Things You Can Do in January to End Slavery

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By Maurice Middleberg

With 40 million people trapped in modern forms of slavery, the goal of ensuring freedom for all is more urgent than ever before. If we pull together, we can end one of history’s most shameful crimes. And we can do it more quickly than you might imagine.

That is why we observe National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month every January (see White House 2018 proclamation here). It’s a vital opportunity to raise awareness and take action. Throughout the month, we will be forwarding tips for how you can personally make a difference.

Three things you can do:

Spread the Word: The anti-slavery movement needs to grow, you can make that happen. Host a salon or house party for family, friends or neighbors – or organize a lunch discussion at work or school or at your church or temple. Our How to Take Action webpage has links to videos, books and handouts that you can download and use.

Finance Freedom: Every donation to Free the Slaves – or any anti-trafficking organization – makes a huge difference in communities targeted by traffickers. Your contributions have empowered our front-line activists to liberate more than 13,000 people. We don’t free slaves, you do.

Be a Conscientious Consumer: From chocolate and clothing to cell phones and computers, many products are tainted by slavery-made components or raw materials. Buy fair trade products whenever you can – and check your 401(k) retirement plan to be sure your contributions go to a socially-responsible fund. See our Slavery Free Commerce webpage for tips.

There was a time when slavery was considered morally acceptable and economically necessary. Fortunately, those days are over. Slavery has been outlawed everywhere. The challenge for our generation is to finish the job started more than a century ago, by liberating those still in bondage.

We at Free the Slaves are proud to be doing that work. We are honored that you are working with us.

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