3 Tips From a Medium on Spirit Communication


As a fourth generation psychic medium practicing for over 40 years, I recognize this time of year as the gateway to the holidays that embrace the spirit, and by extension, heighten our desire for spirit communication. The celebrations begin with Halloween and continue through to the ushering in of a new year. This is when we are prone to reflecting about family and friends who have passed away. And it is during this time clients tell me they want to connect with their loved ones, but they don't know how. I show them how to recognize signs and what to do with the information.

Many signs will come from holiday memories and they can come in any form: songs, words, images, etc. Since my father passed away two years ago, I have personally been seeing things that reference turtles. Turtles were a part of his family as my grandmother had a rather large one as a pet. She walked it on a leash, and to the child me it was a big green dog. Whenever I receive a turtle sign I can feel my family, particularly my father, and it confirms that he's around.

Signs can also come at any time or place, and they may all be very different. It's important to identify and acknowledge these signs so that you can discern what is truly a sign and what is wishful thinking. It's very easy for someone to mistakenly think everything is a message from the other side. The three suggestions below will help you recognize, identify and embrace your own communication with spirit. More importantly, it will lend you validation of your own spirit connection.

Tips for Communicating with Spirit

  1. Keep a journal of signs you receive. Date and time your entries, free-write and don't think about it.

  • List as much detail as you can remember. Nothing is insignificant when you journal. It's important to get the impression or the sign documented for later reflection.
  • Be alert to what you hear, see, smell, taste and feel. A spiritual sign can come through via any of your senses.
  • If the sign is an object like a feather or a penny, save it! It is part of the communication between you and the other side and should be respected. No matter whether it's an item, an image, or a song, documenting the sign may eventually provide you with a more complete message. I have found those messages to be comforting as they further confirm that our loved ones are only a vibration away.