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Three Ways To Get Healthy When You Have No Freaking Time

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Getting healthy can feel like an unreachable goal when you're already pressed for time. Even if your intentions are great, between work, family and other obligations, every minute counts. Especially now that school is back in session!

When you're so scatterbrained that you can't even remember where you put your glasses/keys/cell phone/youngest child -- it's tough to imagine how you could possibly fit one more thing into your already exploding schedule.

But I promise you can do it! It all comes down to how you go about it.

If you want to move your body more and you commit to suddenly exercising five days a week for 60 minutes at a time, odds are you're going to fail. Between your erratic schedule and the needy troop of humans that surround you day and night, that kind of sudden exercise commitment is probably too much of a leap.

So what can you do to get healthy when it seems like you have absolutely no freaking time? Try:

1. Seizing the moment

So often I see people waiting for the perfect opportunity to sign up for that new exercise class or the perfect moment to start eating healthier. Like next Monday. Or the Monday after that one. Or 465 Mondays from now.

But there's never a better time than now.

Don't wait until you have adequate time. Or until you have more resources. Or until you have more energy!

Instead start doing something today.

Whether it's a 6 minute morning workout, a five minute healthy breakfast recipe or a three minute guided meditation that will keep you from killing your kids, there are all sorts of ways to squeeze healthier living into mere moments.

2.Unloading some of your responsibilities to make room for what really matters.

When it comes to getting healthy, time tends to be the most common limiting factor that can keep you from reaching your goals. There are only so many hours in a day and if you take on too much, it's going to greatly lessen the odds of you staying motivated.

Instead of fighting time, take steps to free up some of yours.

Try outsourcing some of your responsibilities. Redistributing some of your work will free up your time and allow you to dedicate a few hours per week toward maintaining your health. Delegate the stuff you hate doing or are terrible at doing, and focus on what you do best. Today you can even outsource healthy meal prep to services like Blue Apron or Munchery.

3. Signing up for my NEW eCourse designed specifically for busy badasses like you!

When you're busy running your life like a boss you don't have time for bullshit.

That's why I'm excited to announce my brand new eCourse where I show you exactly how to kick your health into gear--even when you're totally time-starved!

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Take one small step forward today so that you can stop feeling crappy and start feeling radiant.