Three Ways To Love On The Most Important Valentines Day Ever #LoveTakesAction


We are in a War, and the Enemy is Hate

This Valentine’s Day is one of the most important Valentine’s days in the history of Valentine’s Days.

Why? Because today our country is in a dangerous battle with hate, prejudice, racism and a steady stream of resistance to love. The evidence is all around us.

Perhaps we have been naive to think that hate hasn’t always been there. But today, the polarities between hate and love are stronger than ever. Hate has gone rogue.

And if love is going to win this war against hate, love has to take action.

How do we fight hate with love?

First, do nothing. Do not react to hate. It is not passive to ignore hateful rhetoric, to turn off the television, to delete a mean tweet. It means you are not reacting to hate. Spread love, not hate. And if you can’t spread love, do nothing. (Hint: If you can’t do nothing, do less.)

Second, Start at home. Love the ones you love, focus on them and surround them with kindness and attention. Love them harder right now, they probably need it. Remember, how you treat others is your choice. Clear your mind-state and take loving action, spread some joy.

If you aren’t in a relationship, take some loving action toward your friends or even strangers. Send a photo of a baby panda out on social media. Everyone loves baby pandas. Make someone smile today.

Lastly, Clear your Mind-Field. You don’t have to march in the streets to take action. Spread love by clearing your mind of hateful thoughts. Not a Buddhist monk? You can learn to turn off your hateful thoughts even without years of meditative practice. Every time you catch yourself thinking something hateful, clear your thoughts by thinking of someone or something you love.

Want to use advanced love skills? In order to be in your right-mind, find some empathy for another person on this planet, and send them love. Surround them with love and light. Picture them happy and feeling joy. That’s Love Taking Action. #LoveTakesAction. And you can do this Love Action anytime, no one has to know you are doing it, you can even do it from home in your pajamas.

Think of your thoughts as invisible Valentine’s, send them out into the world tied with a big red energetic bow. Your thoughts and ideas are more powerful then you imagine. Especially for your own peace of mind.

Happy #LoveTakesAction Valentines Day.

Sending Love,