Three Ways to Redesign Your Life

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Co-authored by Jacqui Phillips

<p>Mas Sajady</p>

Mas Sajady

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Mas Sajady is a “global best kept secret”.

Following two near-death experiences, it appears that he has been endowed with amazing transformational abilities to help individuals as well as corporations become efficient in success.

Mas has helped tens of thousands across the globe including executives, personnel staff and celebrities at Capital Records, Facebook, Fox, CCTV, CIA, Forbes, Microsoft, FedEx, Hollywood, universities, and more, see fast tangible results in all aspects of personal life and the professional arena. In other words, "to achieve and stay in 360 degrees of abundance quickly." The key word is quickly. Mas, a former computer programmer, says, "you have to get to the Source Code of your life and find the origin, otherwise the problems will keep resurfacing."

For instance, have you ever tried many 'new strategies' to improve your life, but only noticed that over 95% of the time you end up pretty much in the same old situation again and again? This was discussed with Mas in a recent interview.

The reason is simple, Mas explains: "Say for example - your DNA is programmed to grow blue hair. You don't like blue hair. You color it, bleach it, wear a hat. No matter what you do in time you're covered with blue hair. There is a code for everything, right down to how happy you live your life. This is why those who have achieved the trappings of physical success still may live with an emptiness inside or become a slave to their success."

One of many of Mas's gifts after the second near-death experience is his ability to drill down to exactly where the source code of your life is corrupt and help you reprogram it for actual transformation. Surprisingly, it takes him less than half an hour. No lengthy questionnaires are needed, and he doesn't even say a word. Sounds unbelievable, but he is uncannily accurate and the shift, at least for me, was almost immediate.

His abilities have been likened to famous healers throughout history and most recently to the Netflix series, The OA. The movie Limitless is how people describe their new-found life as they join Mas through sessions, mindfulness Medi-healings, and his podcast Exponential Intelligence (which went straight to #1 on several categories in iTunes on the launch date).

Mas Sajady was asked for 3 tips to a RESET in business or in our individual lives. His answers were very interesting, as it was a true insight of what redesign is all about.

1. Notice your ideologies of success.

He said that many people think, 'If I become successful, and have all this money and things I'll be happy.’ But then why aren't they? Then there are people who lack success have no money and they aren't happy either. The missing ingredient that we are looking for cannot be found in accumulation of possessions, fame, fortune, or even health. It comes from what Mas calls Exponential Intelligence (EI). EI provides that deep connection to ourselves, thus fulfilling our inherent need to be complete as one. He goes on to say that once this need is met the physical abundance we need, whether it's $100 or $1,000,000 a month, will be sustainable without becoming a slave to it. This is the new paradigm that business is evolving into: how to satiate that internal need of the customer. Outstanding Customer service, exceptional products or services, happy work environment— these are all a given at this level.

Mas Sajady gave an example of how this is key for everyone in all walks of life. One of his clients made over $100 million dollars a year, yet never felt good enough. The client felt powerless, empty, and could not have real connections with others. He became a slave to his business and, most of all, the money. Working with Mas put him through deep personal discoveries. He now enjoys life. He feels proud, complete, and is connected with a woman that he loves. Doing the inner work released all of his insecurities so that he could see his truth through Exponential Intelligence.

2. Stay true to yourself and who you are.

This goes for everyone. But right now, let's focus on women. Most women have the notion that in order to be successful they have to behave as a man to win in a man's world. On the flip side, behaving like a man makes them unable to enjoy the success they achieve because they have lost themselves in the process. If they harness the powers that are unique within each one of them, they can maintain the femininity and grace of a confident woman. These are the type of people that when they walk into any situation they can command the room. A true leader exudes confidence and charisma independent of their title, fortune or fame. Mas Sajady is currently working on Precipice, business mastery program to help people achieve this level of leadership.

3. Don't trust your emotions.

We asked Mas how could this one be true. There is so much information on following your heart, listening to your intuition and trusting your emotions. Are they all wrong?

Mas say, "Emotions are merely tools used by underlying programs in your Source Code to maintain your reality. For example, if you run programs of abuse, your heart feels the emotions that lead you to a person that will abuse you. That's why you may attract the same type of person over and over again if you trusted your emotions at this level.

He suggests that it's best to step back from emotions and take a hard and honest look at where these emotions have gotten you in the past so you can be mindful of where these emotions will be leading you in the future. By noticing what you are noticing, it will help re-calibrate your emotions so they can be of benefit for you.

Remember these 3 tips to RESET and redesign your life so that you can live the life you ultimately desire and deserve! Start today!