Three Ways You're Stifling Your Magic

Most of us believe in some kind of magic. When good things such as financial windfall or an unexpected opportunity come out of nowhere, we say, "Wow, it's like magic!"

What if there is a way to consciously intend for magic to show up for us?

...what if that magic already exists, but we delay its manifestations?

See, when magic does occur, we are blown away, because the results far exceed our expectations. In fact, magic often occurs when we least expect it.

Who wouldn't want to be blown away as often as possible, right? ;)

So read along and understand three of the possible ways you’re stifling your magic. Shift these and you’ll start seeing miracles happening in ALL areas of your life!


You're in a job you hate - just H-A-T-E. You know it’s time to get a new job. You've lost count of the number of times you said, "This job is draining! I want to quit!" But each time you say this, there is that small voice in your head that says "but what about money?" And maybe you counter with "so what? I don't care about money anymore!"

A few hours later, you forgot you said you're going to quit and find yourself agreeing to yet another project, another responsibility, or another task.

You DON’T make the time to look for the work you want because you literally got "caught up" with life. You're just TOOOOO busy! You just don't have the time.

A few months later, you're having the same dialogue.

Sound familiar? We all experience some degree of this in our lives — whether with our relationship, our career, our health, or our wealth. There is something better out there (which we know exists) but we delay taking the first few steps.

Let me ask you this though: Did you really NOT have the time to find a new job? To start putting out feelers or resumes? Couldn't you have set aside that ONE hour to update your CV and upload it to a job bank somewhere?

I hear you. I feel you. I was you.

I used to say I was too busy. But the fact is, I was just so comfortable in the routine that when those thoughts of "I need a change" came to mind, they didn't sit that long and ...

Sooner or later, months had passed and I was back to square one. And I went back to the same dialogue, until I made the space to take the first step.

Let me ask you this - what is one thing you've been delaying?

Really stop and think about it. And decide that you want that GOOD to come.

Because when you start making the time and space for that, magic WILL occur!


The thing with us humans is that we are extremely smart. We have a lot of knowledge. We know so many things. We know that eating too much junk is bad for us. We know that smoking is harming our lungs. We know that letting others bully us has a long-term detrimental effect.

How many times have you caught yourself saying "I really have to stop" or "I know I have to stop" or "I need to stop!"

Do you?

Take a pause from reading this and ask yourself - what is the ONE thing you've been saying you're going to stop doing?

Why haven't you?

The saying "we are creatures of habit" is true for a reason. And that is the reason! It's much more comfortable staying in the familiar—picking up the cigarette, munching on bags of potato chips, or agreeing to avoid conflict—than it is to change.

And this is how we stay in something that is NOT good for us. It takes a strong conscious decision and commitment to start leaving this "bad stuff" behind.

I am no different! I once said "I should stop drinking too much and too often" many times, but it took a long time before I did.

And we do it incrementally. Start small. Start with doing less of something. Start with saying NO once in awhile. Start with replacing your stash of junk food with carrots or nuts or raisins.

Start small. But regardless, start.

Because magic happens when we allow it to.

Don't expect something different if you're doing the same things over and over again.


"That's not me."

You might say. But let me ask you,

How often do you start a call expecting the other person would turn you down?

How often do you feel bad when someone mistakes your kindness and sees it as insult?

How often do you hope that someone will appreciate all the gestures and the help you've given them?

If you answered too often or "many times" or "I've lost count" , then yes, YOU ARE trying to control everything!

See, when we expect something, we are trying to control the situation.

When we say someone "should", we are trying to control the situation.

When we are eager to be appreciated, we are trying to control the outcome.

Don't get me wrong! I'm no saint. In fact, I can be a control-freak—wanting to control every step, every action, or every small detail!

But you know what I realized? Controlling everything is not only exhausting, it's unproductive.

Because there will be no magic.

There will be no outcomes bigger than you can imagine.

There will be no surprises—especially the good ones.

Start believing instead of controlling.

Believe you've done your best.

Believe your intentions are of the highest nature.

Believe your goodness.

Refocus your efforts on yourself. Because the more focused you are on YOU, the more magic occurs outside and inside of you!

Like I said, who wouldn’t want more magic in their lives?

I’m curious which of the three ways are you delaying your magic?

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