The Bingo Game That All Parents Of 3-Year-Olds Must Play

We think Pinky McKay was the first. She started using threenager in her parenting books almost a decade ago. The threenager! Is there a better way to describe a moody teenager trapped in the body of a cuddly 3-year-old? A more accurate description of what happens when delightful, funny and curious meets stubborn, controlling and bossy? Of course, it’s only because we love them so much that we can laugh at our threenagers’ antics. So, if you are the parent of one, play along. Take a look at the card and see how many you recognize -- simply click on a square to mark it off. Can you get Bingo when you’re done? Can your friends?

We know! Life can be messy when you have a threenager. And when it comes to cleanup, you want to turn to the brand you can depend on. Thankfully, there’s Clorox. For generations, parents have trusted Clorox with spills, stains and other sticky situations.