Experience THRILLERS' VHS Fantasy

THRILLERS' modern take on the '80s filmic work continues with "Lipstick on the Mirror," the third video from the sequel after "Body High" and "Can't Get Enough." (All tracks are from their debut EP, "Cotton Candy Kisses.") As Justin Moran mentioned on Bullett, their theme "is majorly unforgiving throwback, it's even labeled 'Copyright 1985' during the intro." In this one, also directed by Calder Greenwood, THRILLERS push on with their sexy, leotard infused saga and get into a dissipated love story with ballerinas and foggy visuals.

Watch all three videos and see what they have to say about being trailblazers from the past:

With mainstream artist like Beyoncé beginning to come out with VHS videos for Vogue's September issue, it must be difficult to not see yourselves as one of the trailblazers of this style.
We feel like we're in the forefront of this style of visual art form, but with a mainstream artist attaching themselves to this approach, [it] lets us know that we're on the right path and makes it easier to open up doors for our brand. We're just glad to be on the wave of other indie artists such as UZI, who also have kicked down the door with their own style of VHS videos. It's a trickle effect. Art inspires art.

If you could describe your visual art in three words, what would you call it?
Sexy, sexy, sexy.

What image do you think your visuals portray and what led you to choose this as your staple look?
Us and director Calder Greenwood together wanted to create a world of intoxicating visuals that would perfectly match with our nostalgic sound. We enjoyed the era of VHS and cassette tapes and we kind of get to live our childhoods over again but with a modern spin on it.

"Lipstick on the Mirror"

"Body High"

"Can't Get Enough"

A free download of "Lipstick on the Mirror" is available for a limited time.

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