Thriving With Arianna Huffington -- A Must Read

It's been said that timing is everything. When I purchased Thrive and began reading, I instantly knew it came into my hands at the right time. What is the definition of thrive? Grow or develop well; prosper. Having ignored my better judgement for far too long, I started listening to that wise voice speaking to me loud and clear. This is how Thrive transformed my life. It conveyed those messages that I desperately needed to hear.

I wrote out a list of everything I wanted to change starting with my health and well-being. I put my words into practice. I started eating better, working out at the gym and made huge efforts to change my sleeping patterns. All I can say is that I already feel a huge improvement. I have more energy; I think more clearly and feel more confident. This makes me happy!!

Next on the list was a biggie!! Changing my perspectives!! I had many "a-ha" moments with the chapters on Wisdom and Wonder. I realized how stuck I am on so many aspects of my life. I know that this comes from a very deep rooted conditioning and upbringing. This is not a bad thing, but there comes a time when these perspectives have to shine a different light. Not taking me so seriously has made all the difference. I catch myself before I find the need to judge. Who am I to judge anyway!! I'm not perfect!! I remind myself that everyone has a story and sometimes it's great to hear those stories. You never know what you can learn about yourself by listening to other people's experiences and how they've dealt with issues, problems, tragedies. The operative word here is listening. Not making it about myself, not comparing who's got it better or worse, not feeling the need to validate where I stand, just listening. If I can offer some encouraging words or just a warm hug, then I hope I made a difference. This is where I can say I've become the wiser.

Now for the challenging part of the list. My "addiction" to my phone and computer and tablet and ... well need I say more. What feels good is that I can admit to truly being attached to my devices. When you put that conscious attachment to these things it really drives home how they take over and impede on life itself. Really. Did I just say that? Well that's the first step with any addiction, admitting that it takes over. So thanks to Arianna I've taken the first crucial step to disengaging from my phone and computer. For now, baby steps which I will conquer in my own time, when I can say I am not a slave to my devices.

After reading Thrive I developed a healthy "attitude" and vibrant outlook on my life. I remind myself to appreciate all that is God given and be thankful for all my blessings. It has deepened my faith and instilled how important it is to always be kind and humble. I also feel so much more passionate about what I do and how I share my God given talents. For this I am very thankful.

Arianna's references and quotes have been impactful sparking my curiosity to seek out other material and books which allowed me to appreciate other perspectives and opinions. There is always room to grow on so many levels.

I recommend Thrive to be on everyone's bookshelf. It's a must read!!

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