Through The Lens: Images Of Oregon's Global Eclipse Gathering By Miles Najera

The only thing more remarkable than the two-minute celestial phenomenon that was North America’s first total solar eclipse in 38 years was the seven days of celebration that surrounded it. An assemblage of 30,000 festival-goers, performers, artists, journalists, photographers, event organizers, builders and eclipse-chasers amassed from all over the world on the dusty plains of Big Summit Prairie for Oregon’s Global Eclipse Gathering the week of August 17-23.

Organized by 13 different festivals from the U.S., Australia, Costa Rica, Canada, U.K., France, Japan, South Africa, Mexico and Brazil, the festival’s production value was astounding (and also overwhelming at times). Those who were there can relive the experience and those who were not can live vicariously through these stunning images captured by festival photographer Miles Najera.

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