These Furry Felines Around The World Will Warm Up Your Heart

Cats are probably most universally valued for one thing -- their companionship.

The WorldPost's "Through Your Lens" series brings you mesmerizing photos taken by social media users in different countries around the world every week.  

Cats may be known for their quick reflexes and flexible bodies, but they're probably most universally valued for one thing -- their companionship. The photos below show our favorite cats are heavily involved in our daily lives. You'll see them perching atop a fence playing with an elderly man in Ireland or lounging in an outdoor chair in Tokyo. They'll also respect your me-time. You'll also see them wandering alone, perching on rocks by the sea in Greece or crawling across rooftops in Italy.

Instagram users from all around the world submitted photos of adorable cats against equally stunning backdrops. Whether you're a cat or a dog person, we're sure these photos of these adorable kitties will warm up your heart.

London, England

Hydra, Greece

Chefchaouen, Morocco

A photo posted by Sham (@shamitlon) on



Paris, France

A photo posted by Hew Morrison (@hewmorrison) on


Athens, Greece

A photo posted by Ren (@_rennbird) on


Moscow, Russia

A photo posted by Rebecca (@hayyrebby) on


A photo posted by C a n K. (@rasitcank) on

Istanbul, Turkey

A photo posted by Burak Özgen (@excphoto) on

Tokyo, Japan


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