13 Hilariously Unscripted Throwback Beyoncé Moments

Long before she became immortal.

The Beyoncé of yesteryear is so much different than the Bey we see today. She was more personable, more open to sharing her inner thoughts and, of course, shadier. 

Who could forget when she side-eyed Kelly for saying she was the second lead vocalist in Destiny’s Child? Or when she shared her love for Popeyes chicken will never change, no matter how famous she gets?

Seeing King Bey in this light is both hilarious and refreshing, especially since we only see her fun moments ― like when she interrupted Chance the Rapper’s interview at the MTV Video Music Awards recently ― on rare occasion. It’s also a good reminder that she actually was human before she ascended to boss-level. 

In honor of the Creole Goddess of Light’s birthday on Sept. 4, we rounded up 13 of her most candid moments from the past which shows that deep down, Beyoncé enjoys some good shade and comic relief just like the rest of us.

1. When she let us know she and her affinity for Popeyes will never change.

2. This shade.

3. When she lowkey told Farrah to get her s**t together or get dropped.

4. When she revealed her deep secret of wanting to become a whale.

5. When she showed off her southern roots.

6. When her and Aaliyah shared this moment over D’Angelo’s fine ass.

7. When Michelle took a tumble on BET’s “106 & Park” but that wasn’t any of Bey’s business.

8. When she reminded us that she was a jokester at the end of this MTV “Cribs” episode.

9. When Tyra Banks asked her to display some of her “hidden talents” on her talk show.

10. When she accepted her limits regarding the Spanish language.

11. When she probably fired someone during her performance.

12. When she fell down the stairs on stage but recovered in record time.

13. When she got snatched by a fan, kept singing and laughed at herself afterwards.


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Shoutout to the old Yoncé for keeping it 💯!



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