Thumbells Workout By O2 Promotes Stronger Texting (VIDEO)

WATCH: Workout For Texters Is All Thumbs

A British mobile carrier wants texters to take fitness into their own hands.

O2 is advertising a workout regimen featuring a "Thumbell," a teeny dumbbell made for your thumb. Watch above as the fattest digit gets lean and mean to an "Eye of the Tiger"-like score.

We figure the exercises can probably help with hitchhiking or criticizing movies, too.

O2 says in a release that the spot is part of its "Fit for 4G" campaign to prepare customers for its faster service.

While the video goes to extremities for laughs, there is a therapeutic component to this. The Thumbell is real, and so is O2's concern for preventing thumb overuse injuries, O2 public relations rep Gavin Lewis told The Huffington Post on Thursday.

The Thumbell and other exercises are being tested internally with hand experts from a healthcare group, Lewis said.

Still, those who take the digit initiative too earnestly need to get a grip.

"We want people to enjoy it and find it funny," Lewis said. "We're not deathly serious."

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