Thursday's Morning Email: House GOP Pushes To Undo Obama's Legacy

Is the ACA next?


HOUSE GOP PUSHES TO UNDO OBAMA’S LEGACY The U.S. House of Representative passed a bill Wednesday that would give Congress the power “to kill dozens of recently enacted rules in one fell swoop.” While President Barack Obama visited Capitol Hill to urge lawmakers to fight to protect the Affordable Care Act, president-elect Donald Trump fired off a series of tweets about the ACA that seemed to indicate he would not be a fan of an immediate repeal. And the Senate Armed Services Committee will hold a hearing this morning on “foreign cyberthreats to the United States.” [Arthur Delaney, HuffPost]

TRUMP PLANS TO PARE DOWN CIA IN RESTRUCTURING Somewhere, Carrie Mathison is having a category four meltdown. [WSJ | Paywall]

THE DEADLIEST SHOOTINGS OF 2016 That you didn’t hear about. [Melissa Jeltson, HuffPost]

FORGET WHAT YOU KNEW ABOUT CHILDREN AND PEANUT ALLERGIES The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases just released a new set of guidelines. [WaPo]

MORE THAN 100 INJURED IN BROOKLYN COMMUTER TRAIN DERAILMENT This is the “second major accident involving New York City’s commuter railroads in the past three months.”  [Reuters]

CHINA MAKES HUGE RENEWABLE ENERGY PLAY To the tune of a $361 billion price tag. [Reuters]

A MAN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS WAS BOUND, GAGGED AND TORTURED By four teenagers in Chicago ― who livestreamed the whole thing on Facebook. [Ed Mazza, HuffPost]

AMBASSADOR CATHY RUSSELL AND TOM DONILON: WHY GENDER EQUALITY NEEDS TO BE A FOREIGN POLICY FOCUS “On an international scale, we know that women’s empowerment is spurring global growth and helping rebuild fragile and conflict-torn societies. These trends will boost American efforts to address geopolitical instability, to raise global living standards, and to expand markets for American businesses.” [Medium]



‘YOUNG MOM EARNS $50 MILLION WHILE CARING FOR TWO CHILDREN’ Kim Kardashian made double that of the CEO of Goldman Sachs in the past year. [HuffPost]

THIS PHOTO OF KATIE COURIC WITHOUT MAKEUP Is all of us. Every.Single.One. [HuffPost]

THERE IS SUCH A THING AS U.S. NAVY DOLPHINS And they’re being deployed to save another species. [HuffPost]

MEET THE GUY WHO FILED 6,500 NOISE COMPLAINTS IN A YEAR And oh yeah ― he’s a former astronaut. [The Outline]

YOU HAVE ANOTHER ORGAN YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT And neither did scientists until very recently. Sorry med students, you’ll need to add this to the flash card deck. [HuffPost]


~ Megyn Kelly was reportedly offered a heckuva lot more money to stay at Fox.

~ S’mores Girl Scout cookies are coming.

~ In case Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds couldn’t get any cuter...

~ Sorry everyone: Oprah said she’s never running for president. Really was looking forward to a free car for all bill.

~ The United Arab Emirates has outlawed the owning of exotic pets, which was once a prized status symbol.

~ Macy’s is cutting over 10,000 jobs after weak holiday sales.

~ We can’t get over how magical the wedding photos are for this couple with Down syndrome.

~ A JonBenét Ramsey documentary is headed to Netflix.

~ The Brangelina divorce just got uglier in the latest court filings.

~ Because in the new year, nostalgia is high: Check out this reunion of your favorite Wildcats from “High School Musical” singing an acoustic duet.  

~ Here’s Bernie Sanders on the Senate floor with a massive Donald Trump tweet prop.

~ Micro-dosing isn’t going away any time soon ― will it be at your workplace next?

~ Trump has a thing for couriers.

~ We’re still cringing over this waterfall proposal gone wrong.

~ And inside the race to build the world’s fastest elevator.


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