Thursday's Morning Email: Inside Charlotte's State Of Emergency

A man was shot by a civilian last night and four police officers suffered non-life threatening injuries amidst the protests Wednesday.


CHARLOTTE IN STATE OF EMERGENCY “Residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, woke up to a state of emergency and the National Guard and State Highway Patrol deployed to their city on Thursday after a second night of unrest sparked by the fatal police shooting of a black man ... One protester was shot and gravely wounded by a civilian, and four police officers suffered non-life threatening injuries, city officials said on Twitter.” [Reuters]

AHMAD KHAN RAHAMI FLAGGED BY FEDERAL AUTHORITIES TWO YEARS AGO For his travel history. And police are looking for the two menwho accidentally disabled the pressure cooker device in New York City after taking the suitcase it was hidden in. [NYT]

MEET THE 2016 MACARTHUR FELLOWS The recipients of this year’s “Genius Grants” range from a poet to a geobiologist. [Katherine Brooks, HuffPost]

MEMBERS OF CONGRESS RIP INTO MYLAN CEO “They raised the prices, for the reason being, I believe, to get filthy rich at the expense of our constituents.” [Lauren Weber, HuffPost]

MARK ZUCKERBERG PLEDGES $3 BILLION IN FIGHT AGAINST DISEASES He and his wife, Priscilla Chan, hope to cure, manage or prevent all diseases by the end of the century. [Reuters]

MEET THE WOMEN OF THE CIA “There are more women in the CIA than ever before, with women operating at unprecedented levels on every floor of CIA headquarters and throughout its far-flung global outposts. Yet women remain underrepresented in executive-level jobs and the clandestine service.” [Newsweek]

ARE YOU READY FOR THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL? Watch the Houston Texans take on the New England Patriots on The Huffington Posttonight at 8:25 PM ET. [HuffPost]


THE BRAD AND ANGELINA DIVORCE JUST GOT NASTIER Reports are emerging that Brad Pitt is under investigation for child abuse. And Marion Cottilard stepped into the fray to deny rumors that she was involved in the power couple’s divorce and announce her second pregnancy. [HuffPost]

YOUR iPHONE BATTERY KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU Prepare to be very, very alarmed. [Gizmodo]

ROLLING STONE’S TOP 100 TV SHOWS OF ALL TIME In case you’re already bored by this year’s pilot season. [Rolling Stone]

HOW TRUTHERISM HIT CELEBRITY CULTURE What Hiddleswift-deniers tell us about the celebrity conspiracy economy. [Vanity Fair]

UNDERSTANDING THE iPHONE 7’S PORTRAIT FEATURE It’s all in pursuit of a better ‘gram. [TechCrunch]

VULTURE WANTS YOU TO PICK YOUR FAVORITE TV COUPLE How can someone possibly choose between Monica and Chandler and Pam and Jim? [Vulture]



THE POWER OF WOMEN ON TV “Netflix has released a new ad celebrating the amazing women on our TV screens (and laptops and tablets and smartphones), and it’s brilliant. “ [HuffPost

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~ Anthony Weiner is reportedly being accused of carrying on a sexting relationship with a 15-year-old girl.

~ Mia Farrow’s son Thaddeus has died following a car crash. He was 27.

~ There are only 28 North Korean websites.

~ “The West Wing” cast (of the government we all wish we had) hasreunited to campaign for Hillary Clinton in Ohio.

~ Bad news folks ― there’s been another Blue Bell recall for listeria.

~ “Arrested Development” fans rejoice ― sounds like they might start filming season five in January.

~ We’re obsessed with the new book train at the New York Public Library.

~ We love that Bazooka honored the terms of this contest ― 59 years later.

~ Michael Strahan confirmed what we all pretty much knew ― he and Kelly Ripa aren’t friends anymore.

~ Apple is toying with buying a car manufacturer.

~ Hear from a real-life “designated survivor”.

~ President Barack Obama talks Donald Trump, empathy and what he wished he had done differently in an “exit interview” with Vanity Fair.


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