Thursday's Morning Email: Inside The Debate Over The Future Of The Democratic Party

The fight for DNC chair continues.
The Huffington Post hosted a debate among seven Democratic National Committee chair candidates on Wednesday.
The Huffington Post hosted a debate among seven Democratic National Committee chair candidates on Wednesday.


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INSIDE THE DEBATE OVER THE FUTURE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY Watch the seven candidates for DNC chair debate here. Zach Carter and Daniel Marans argue that they failed to address the populist movement within the party. [Zach Carter and Daniel Marans, HuffPost]

THE LEDE OF THIS NEW YORK TIMES PIECE ON RICK PERRY IS DEVASTATING “When President-elect Donald J. Trump offered Rick Perry the job of energy secretary five weeks ago, Mr. Perry gladly accepted, believing he was taking on a role as a global ambassador for the American oil and gas industry that he had long championed in his home state.” [NYT]

MEET TRUMP’S REPORTED CHOICE FOR AGRICULTURE SECRETARY Sonny Perdue, the former Republican governor of Georgia, rounds out the last of president-elect Trump’s Cabinet picks. [Chris D’Angelo, HuffPost]

JEWISH CENTERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY ARE RECEIVING BOMB THREATS More than 20 were reported on Wednesday alone. [Willa Frej and Andy Campbell, HuffPost]

CHAFFETZ SKIPPED MEETING WITH ETHICS CHIEF HE THREATENED TO SUBPOENA “Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the Utah Republican who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform committee, told reporters last week that a government ethics official who had criticized President-elect Donald Trump’s plan to deal with his potential conflicts of interest refused to meet with him.” [Dana Liebelson, HuffPost]

GEORGE H.W. BUSH IN STABLE CONDITION IN THE ICU The former president, who is 92, was treated for a respiratory problem due to pneumonia. His wife, Barbara Bush, has also been admitted to the hospital for bronchitis. Take a look at the note Bush wrote Trump to explain their absence at the inauguration. [CNN]

2016 WAS THE HOTTEST YEAR ON RECORD According to NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this is the third year in a row we’ve seen record temperatures. [Lydia O’Connor, HuffPost]


PLEASE, PLEASE TELL US YOU DON’T HAVE A PASSWORD ON THE MOST COMMON PASSWORD LIST Honestly, if your password is “123456” or “password,” you probably should get hacked. [HuffPost]

IT’S OFFICIAL! “Will & Grace” is returning for real to NBC this fall. Seriously, what revival shows are left? [HuffPost]

INTRODUCING THE TEAM THAT RUNS MARK ZUCKERBERG’S FACEBOOK There’s just a smidge of pressure when you’re running the founder’s own page. [Bloomberg]


BAD NEWS, COUCH LOVERS Turns out running could be good for your knees, so that’s another excuse down the drain. [NYT]

THAT LISA FRANK MOVIE IS HAPPENING Everyone needs a little more rainbow in their life. [Vulture


~ Meet Austin Swift (yes, that would be Taylor’s brother).

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~ Animal rights activists are up in arms over leaked footage of a German shepherd in “A Dog’s Purpose” being forced into rapidly churning water.

~ Fifth Harmony stepped out as a foursome.

~ This new site celebrates Americans’ love for the Constitution.

~ American Airlines has followed in Delta’s footsteps and introduced a budget fare. (No overhead compartment for you!)

~ The Sundance films to look out for.

~ LeBron James Jr.’s highlight reel is pretty darn impressive.

~ This bass drop is in every.single.movie.trailer.


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