Thursday's Morning Email: Judge halts Trump's travel ban


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JUDGE HALTS TRUMP’S TRAVEL BAN “A federal judge in Hawaii has placed a nationwide hold on key aspects of President Donald Trump’s second attempt at a ban on travel ― a scaled-back version that targeted all non-visa holders from six Muslim-majority countries, as well as a halt on the U.S. refugee resettlement program ― just hours before the new restrictions were to take effect.” [HuffPost]

TRUMP’S PROPOSED BUDGET “In a federal budget proposal with many losers, the Environmental Protection Agency and State Department stand out as targets for the biggest spending reductions. Funding would disappear altogether for 19 independent bodies that count on federal money for public broadcasting, the arts and regional issues from Alaska to Appalachia.” [Reuters]

FAR-RIGHT STYMIED IN DUTCH ELECTIONS “The Netherlands’ incumbent Prime Minister Mark Rutte will win the Dutch election, preliminary results indicate, dealing a decisive blow to the far right Party for Freedom of Geert Wilders ... While Wilders’ party is set to gain a few new seats in Parliament, leaders in the Netherlands and across Europe expressed relief there appeared to be a ceiling to the far right’s rise.” [HuffPost]

TRUMP LOOKING TO PRIVATIZE AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL OVERSIGHT “Trump is proposing to shift oversight of the U.S. air traffic control from the federal government to an independent group, according to budget documents released on Thursday. Trump, who called the U.S. air traffic control system ‘obsolete’ in a meeting with airline executives last month, is proposing $16.2 billion for the Department of Transportation’s discretionary budget for fiscal year 2018, a reduction of 13 percent.” [Reuters]

GOP RECONSIDERING OBAMACARE OVERHAUL “The White House and Republican leaders are talking to rank-and-file lawmakers aboutrevising the GOP health care overhaul, hoping to keep a rebellion by conservatives and moderates from snowballing and imperiling the party’s showpiece legislation ... House Speaker Paul Ryan [R-Wis.] told reporters Wednesday that leaders could now make ‘some necessary improvements and refinements’ to the legislation. But he declined to commit to bringing the measure to the House floor next week, a schedule Republican leaders have repeatedly said they intended to keep.” [AP]


RYAN’S POLITICAL ACUMEN QUESTIONED Some Republicans are scratching their heads over his Obamacare overhaul. [Yahoo! News]

THAT TIME CONGRESS PASSED ON REFORMING THE NCAA It may surprise you to learn that the collegiate sports organization has issues. [Politico]

INSIDE TRUMP’S AIR FORCE ONE BATTLE Sure, he could be focused on other things... but he’s not. [BloombergBusinessweek

CELEBS TAKE PHOTO LEAKERS TO COURT Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried are taking on the creeps. [HuffPost]

INFERTILITY CLINICS INACCESSIBLE TO MANY Some 25 million women don’t have easy access to one. [HuffPost]

GOOD NEWS FOR CULTS The first solar eclipse to cross the United States in 99 years will occur this summer. [WaPo]

THE MIRACLE (OFF) ICE The U.S. women’s hockey team is boycotting the world championship over pay inequity. [HuffPost]


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