Thursday's Morning Email: Wall Street Triumphs In Trump's Latest Picks

A look at the Commerce and Treasury picks.


WALL STREET TRIUMPHS IN DONALD TRUMP’S LATEST PICKSLearn more on how the Treasury and Commerce picks are infuriating progressives with Trump’s “embrace of Wall Street’s elite.” And these are just a few of the folks that will most likely make up the “richest administration in modern American history.” [Daniel Marans, HuffPost]

COLOMBIA’S CONGRESS APPROVES REVISED PEACE ACCORD WITH FARC REBELS Which may be the final step toward peace after a referendum on the agreement failed this fall. [NYT]

TENNESSEE FIRES RAGE FOR THIRD DAY The death count rose to seven, with over 700 homes and businesses damaged. Take a look at photos of the “apocalyptic wasteland” left behind. [Hayley Miller, HuffPost]

NANCY PELOSI WON HER RE-ELECTION FOR HOUSE MINORITY LEADER But there’s trouble in paradise, as 63 Democrats voted against her. [Jennifer Bendery, HuffPost]

THE FBI GAINS THE ABILITY TO HACK MILLIONS OF COMPUTERS TODAY “Starting Thursday, a Department of Justice official will be able to go to a single judge, assert that a computer crime may involve millions of networked devices, and get a warrant that lets the FBI hack all of those devices.” [Michael McAuliff, HuffPost]

INTEL OFFICERS: THE RUSSIANS HELPED SPREAD FAKE NEWS In order to interfere with the presidential election. [Buzzfeed]

IN YEMEN, CHOOSING BETWEEN CHILDREN “The family of Osama Hassan faced a wrenching choice as his tiny body wasted away. Should they use the little money they had, in a time of war, to take the 2-year-old to a hospital? Or should they buy food to feed their other children? His family chose food.” [WaPo]

INSIDE THE NFL’S ‘BIG-TOBACCO’ TACTICS TO LURE THE NEXT GENERATION OF FOOTBALL PLAYERS AND FANS And what the league is doing to combat the growing alarm from parents about the dangers of the sport. [George Dohrmann, HuffPost]

AND TO CLARIFY The headline of yesterday’s email said President-elect Trump had announced he would step away from his company. However, Trump did not provide any details beyond that his children would run his company. Trump made similar statements during the campaign, but such a plan fails to address his significant conflicts of interest. [Alexander Kaufman and Paige Lavender, HuffPost]


CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY You can now watch Netflix offline. This is not a drill, people. [HuffPost]

CONGRATS TO BRADLEY COOPER AND IRINA SHAYK On the reports that they are expecting their first child. Congrats also go to Shayk for looking fabulous on the runway for Victoria’s Secret Wednesday night. And yes, we have some sneak peek photos of the show, which airs next Monday. [HuffPost]

HOW TO MAKE $400 MILLION DISAPPEAR FOR A DIVORCE “Created by lawyers, accountants and private bankers and operating out of a global archipelago of European principalities, former British colonies and Asian city-states, the system has one main purpose: to make the richest people in the world appear to own as little as possible.” [NYT]

THIS TEENAGER SPOKE OUT ABOUT GUN VIOLENCE Months later, he was killed by gunfire. [Ryan Grenoble, HuffPost]

ANTI-VACCINE ADVOCATES ARE EXCITED ABOUT A TRUMP PRESIDENCY “At the most basic level, they’re hoping Trump will use his bully pulpit to advance his oft-stated concern — debunked by an extensive body of scientific evidence — that there’s a link between vaccines and autism.” [STAT]

ARE RE-SHOOTS THE ‘KISS OF DEATH’ FOR ‘ROGUE ONE’? Could this be “Fantastic Four”-level bad? [Vanity Fair]




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