Thursday's Morning Email: West Wing In Conflict: Kushner Vs. Bannon

Inside the turf war.
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KUSHNER VS. BANNON The internal White House politics between President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and top political adviser Steve Bannon reportedly culminated in Bannon’s removal from the National Security Council. [HuffPost]

TRUMP PIVOTS ON SYRIA He says his stance toward the country’s ongoing civil war has changed following the deadly chemical attack this week. No word yet on what policy changes that could bring, but Vice President Mike Pence says “all options are on the table.” [HuffPost]

THE MONEY COMING INTO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY Is four times higher than this time last non-election cycle. [HuffPost]

WILL BILL O’REILLY MAKE IT THROUGH THIS SCANDAL? Media reporter Michael Calderone breaks down why this harassment scandal is different. At least 40 advertisers have pulled their ads from his show. But President Trump defended the Fox News host, saying “I don’t think Bill did anything wrong.” [HuffPost]

PEPSI HAS PULLED ITS UNIVERSALLY REVILED AD MLK’s daughter had quite the spot-on commentary on the ad, which appropriates protest imagery. Even the ad’s depiction of a Muslim woman was off. Someone tried to give an official a Pepsi to end a protest in real life, and it went as well as you’d expect. And here are seven other shockingly tone-deaf ads. [HuffPost]

TURNS OUT SOME OF THE BORDER WALL MIGHT FEATURE PIECES THAT AREN’T A PHYSICAL WALL Including fencing and technology, according to the Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. [HuffPost]

SOUTH AFRICA LIFTS RHINO HORN SALES BAN Conservationists fear this will lead to more poaching. The global ban on sales of rhino horn put in place by the U.N. still stands, so horns are not to be legally exported from South Africa. [Reuters]


CAN WE HIRE THESE HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISTS? Who investigated their new high school principal’s questionable credentials and found what no one else had. [HuffPost]

STANLEY MCCHRYSTAL: ‘A FALSE CHOICE’ OF MILITARY OVER PUBLIC BROADCASTING The retired United States Army General wrote in a New York Times op-ed: “Public broadcasting makes our nation smarter, stronger and, yes, safer.” [HuffPost]

WHO CAN FORGET MICHELLE BRANCH’S ‘EVERYWHERE AND ‘ALL YOU WANTED’ AND ‘GOODBYE TO YOU’? Which was basically the soundtrack of our preteen angst. Turns out Michelle Branch is making a comeback with new music to add to your break-up playlists. And in light of this news, if anyone’s looking for us, we’re doing a deep nostalgia dive through some mix tape CDs. [HuffPost]

BARRY MANILOW HAS OFFICIALLY COME OUT AT 73 Confirming his three-year marriage in the process. [HuffPost]

MORE GOOD NEWS FOR NINTH PLANET HOLDOUTS Your dreams may come true. [WSJ | Paywall]


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