Thursday's Morning Email: What To Expect In Comey's Testimony Today

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WHAT TO EXPECT IN COMEY’S TESTIMONY TODAY Here’s what to watch for in former FBI Director James Comey’s Senate testimony at 10 a.m. ET. Take a look at the highlights of Comey’s prepared testimony, and you can read it in full here. [HuffPost]

FOLLOW THE U.K. ELECTION LIVE Check out HuffPost’s live coverage of the unfolding election here. And take a look at how Theresa May’s sure-thing snap election turned into a toss-up. [HuffPost]

MEET PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP’S NOMINATION FOR FBI DIRECTOR The president announced he was nominating Christopher A. Wray, who served as assistant attorney general under former President George W. Bush and represented New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie during the Bridgegate scandal, as the new director of the FBI. [HuffPost]

WRECKAGE OF MISSING MYANMAR MILITARY PLANE FOUND IN ANDAMAN SEA The plane, which was carrying 122 soldiers, family members and crew, went missing Wednesday afternoon. [Reuters]

SOUTH KOREA: NORTH KOREA FIRED MULTIPLE MISSILES Which appeared to be land-to-ship missiles launched off its east coast. [Reuters]

THE AFTERSHOCKS OF ISIS TERRORISM IN IRAN Experts expect to see a buildup of borders, a crackdown on the Sunni majority, and anexacerbation of international tensions. [HuffPost]

WHAT TO KNOW WHEN ISIS CLAIMS RESPONSIBILITY FOR AN ATTACK “When ISIS appears to have directly planned and coordinated an attack, there is less of a lag between the event and an Amaq or Nashir statement on Telegram. There may also be more information provided about the attack or images and video of the attackers.” [HuffPost]


‘THE WORST PART ABOUT BEING INFERTILE’ Introducing HuffPost’s new podcast, IVFML, where health editor Anna Almendrala and her husband, comedy writer Simon Ganz, discuss their struggles with fertility. [HuffPost]

MORE PEOPLE KNOW JARED KUSHNER’S NAME And his unfavorables are on the rise. [HuffPost]

PUERTO RICO: THE ZIKA EPIDEMIC IS OVER But experts warn that’s premature. [HuffPost]

GENERALS: U.S. FALLING BEHIND ON EMERGING ENERGY TECHNOLOGY As energy demand is expected to grow by at least 30 percent over the next 30 years. [HuffPost]

HOW AIRBNB IS MAKING IT EASIER FOR REFUGEES TO FIND HOUSING “Airbnb is leveraging its massive global network to make good on its commitment to host 100,000 displaced people over the next five years. The rental giant’s new platform, Welcome, allows relief organizations to connect refugees and people uprooted by natural disasters with Airbnb hosts, at no cost.” [HuffPost]

FORGET THRIFTY KATE MIDDLETON Former President Barack Obama wore the same tux for all eight years in office, according to Michelle Obama. [HuffPost]