Thursday's Morning Email: What Trump Has Planned For The Coming Days

From refugees to Syrian "safe zones."


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WHAT TRUMP HAS PLANNED FOR THE COMING DAYS President Donald Trump is finalizing executive orders that drastically reduce the U.S. role in international organizations, establish “safe zones” in Syria, and stop the admission of Syrian refugees. And here’s how Republican leaders in Congress see the next 200 days going. [Jessica Schulberg and Ryan Grim, HuffPost]

MEXICAN PRESIDENT CONSIDERS CANCELING TRIP TO U.S. OVER TRUMP’S PLANS TO BUILD A WALL Trump issued an executive order yesterday to speed construction. And here are some of the challengesbuilders will face. [Reuters]

TRIBUTES ARE POURING IN FOR MARY TYLER MOORE The legendary actress, who pioneered the way for women on television and “turned the world on with her smile,” is dead at 80. Celebrity tributes are pouring in. Check out some of her best quotes to remember, as well as a streaming guide to her work (pack tissues!). Here’s why her Oscar-nominated role in “Ordinary People” mattered, and a reminder that she talked about the wage gap on her show ― in 1972. [Lydia O’Connor and Stephanie Marcus, HuffPost]

THE DOW CLOSE OVER 20,000 FOR THE FIRST TIME The Dow Jones Industrial Average, a 120-year-old index of 30 stocks, has risen since Trump’s election due to investors’ belief that Trump will follow through on his “business-friendly” campaign promises. And here’s a graphical breakdown of the Dow’s rise over time. [WSJ | Paywall]

REP. TULSI GABBARD MET WITH SYRIAN PRESIDENT BASHAR ASSAD The Democratic congresswoman from Hawaii says they talked about achieving peace. [Daniel Marans, HuffPost]

SRI LANKA FACING WORST DROUGHT IN FOUR DECADES Over 1 million people are experiencing extreme water shortages. [Dominique Mosbergen, HuffPost]


THE NEXT ERA OF MOVIES Could be one where you choose the ending. Mind. Blown. [The New Yorker]

IT’S NOT ALL IN YOUR HEAD Hotel thermostats are rigged, so here’s how to work around that. [WSJ | Paywall]

JAPAN’S LARGEST CORAL REEF IS DYING About 70 percent of the Sekiseishoko reef has died. [HuffPost]


WHAT’S LEAVING NETFLIX IN FEBRUARY Included in this list is “Justin Bieber’s Believe,” which apparently is different from his “Never Say Never,” which we have already seen, in 3D, in the extended director’s cut, at 10 a.m. on a Saturday of our sophomore college spring break because our 12-year-old sister really wanted to go. And no, we do not still believe we deserve a medal for this. [HuffPost


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