Thursday's Morning Email: Where The New House Health Repeal Bill Stands

That didn't take long.


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REVISIONS OF THE HEALTH REPEAL BILL MAY HAVE ALREADY LOST THE SENATE The repeal bill can only afford to lose two senators to pass the Senate.

WHAT PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP’S TAX PLAN MEANS FOR YOU Breaking down what the ambitious proposal means for the everyday taxpayer. Here’s why the plan is being described as a windfall for the wealthy. And check out the winners and losers from the proposal. [NYT]

INSTEAD OF ABANDONING NAFTA, TRUMP WILL RENEGOTIATE IT The change came hours after an administration official said the U.S. was planning on dropping out of the trade agreement.

WHY PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA’S SPEAKING FEE MATTERS Besides the fact that it’s $400,000 in change

ABOUT THAT SENATE FIELD TRIP TO THE WHITE HOUSE FOR A BRIEFING ON NORTH KOREA Senators left their excursion from Capitol Hill feeling very... confused.

UNITED AIRLINES WILL NOW PAY PASSENGERS UP TO $10,000 IN CASE OF OVERBOOKING To forfeit their seats. The news comes three weeks after the catastrophic dragging of Dr. David Dao off a United plane.

AND IF YOU READ ONE THING TODAY, IT SHOULD BE THIS FEATURE ON WHAT BULLETS DO TO BODIES As Dr. Amy Goldberg,a trauma surgeon at Temple University Hospital, says: “You think you know what happens here? Because I thought I knew. But there’s nothing that can prepare you.”


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IT WAS A BLOODBATH AT ESPN WEDNESDAY The company laid off some of your favorites, as over 100 employees got the axe.

THE PRESIDENT HAS A RED BUTTON ON HIS DESK That if he pushes ― someone will deliver a Coke to him. Yeah, we didn’t see that going that way either. 

NARNIA ISN’T DONE WITH THE BIG SCREEN “The Silver Chair” will be the series revival. And don’t forget, “One day, you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again.” [Variety]

FUN FACT: HIPPOS DON’T KNOW HOW TO SWIM “The semiaquatic mammal leverages its own buoyancy and bone density to charge through the water.” [The Atlantic]