Thursday's Morning Email: Why Millennials Are Facing The Scariest Financial Future Since The Great Depression

Blame macroeconomics, not avocado toast.


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GENERATION SCREWED “Oh, the places you won’t go (due to unjust macroeconomic forces far greater than yourself). [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

COULD PAUL RYAN BE STEPPING DOWN AS SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE? Matt Fuller reports on the swirling chatter that tax reform is Ryan’s Boehner-pope moment. [HuffPost]

KENTUCKY LAWMAKER KILLS HIMSELF AMID SEXUAL ASSAULT INVESTIGATION State Rep. Dan Johnson had been accused of sexually abusing a 17-year-old friend of his daughter’s in 2012. [HuffPost]

ROY MOORE STILL HASN’T CONCEDED DEFEAT “The battle rages on.” [HuffPost]

WHERE THE TAX REFORM BILL STANDS Republicans are zeroing in on a deal. [HuffPost]

NEW ALLEGATIONS AGAINST HARVEY WEINSTEIN, RUSSELL SIMMONS, TERRY RICHARDSON Salma Hayek came forward to describe Weinstein’s sexual demands and threats during the making of her movie “Frida.” Russell Simmons has been accused by nine more women of rape, violence and misconduct. A designer has alleged Terry Richardson sexually assaulted her. Morgan Spurlock admitted a history of sexual misconduct, including a rape allegation. And a second woman has accused Nevada Rep. Ruben Kihuen of sexual harassment. [HuffPost]

IT’S BEEN FIVE YEARS SINCE SANDY HOOK Families of the victims released this haunting PSA that predicts “tomorrow’s school shooting.” 121 members of Congress are lobbying for an end to the restriction on gun violence research. Here’s where to donate to honor each of the 26 victims. And one long-lasting lesson from Sandy Hook: “No one should die from uncontrolled bleeding.” [HuffPost]


THIS IS YOUR FRIENDLY REMINDER That the deadline for Obamacare for most Americans is Friday. [HuffPost]

LEGIONNAIRES’ DISEASE IS RISING AT AN ALARMING RATE ACROSS THE U.S. Yours truly takes a look at the uptick in the waterborne disease, which is fatal in 1 in 10 cases. [HuffPost]


‘TODAY’ SHOW RATINGS HAVE ONLY GONE UP Since Matt Lauer’s firing. [HuffPost]

WE HAVE ANOTHER MYSTERY POOPER ON OUR HANDS This time, he or she is terrorizing a New York town. [HuffPost]

AND IN MEGHAN MARKLE NEWS The fiance of Prince Harry will be joining the royal family for Christmas this year in an unprecedented move. While she’s there and thinking about the wedding, here are some dresses to consider. [HuffPost]


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