Thursday's Religion Reads

Today in religion news: Robert Spencer gets rejected by a Catholic diocese, a win and a lose against the contraception mandate, the debacle over the fetus-is-not-a-person argument by a Catholic hospital and Mormon activism.
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Today's religion reads:

-- "The Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester rescinded an invitation Wednesday to Robert Spencer, a Catholic whose work depicts Islam as an inherently violent religion, to speak at its annual Catholic Men's Conference in March." (Boston Globe)

-- Add one more Catholic-owned business to those that have been won a temporary injunction against Obamacare's contraception mandate (ReligionClause).

-- At the same time, a judge has dismissed the St. Louis Archdiocese's lawsuit challenging the contraception mandate (Post-Dispatch).

-- Today, HuffPost Live will tackle the recent controversy over Catholic teaching on the beginning of life, the hospital business and a medical malpractice lawsuit over dead fetuses.

-- A Mormon activist who calls himself "Martin Luther-day Saint" is trying to get Mormons to post "95 theses" to church doors overnight before services on Feb. 17. His site has gotten 12,000 hits over recent weeks. So far, he has a much smaller group of 112 people committed (via Facebook) to joining the action.

-- Off religion, but on the death beat, here's an interesting video of Los Angeles-based mortician Caitlin Doughty talking about why she loves her job.

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