T.I. Shares The Real Reason Why He Wants To Help Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

Through the years T.I. has experienced his fair share of legal trouble , prompting the rapper to rehabilitate his image . Now the self-proclaimed, “King of the South” plans to pay it forward by lending a helping hand to another troubled pop superstar.

During last night’s episode of “The Arsenio Hall” show, T.I. disclosed details on how he hopes to impart wisdom on his good friend, Justin Bieber.

“Justin is going through a moment right now in his life where all of us as adults have had that transitional period where we’ve had to evolve from adolescent to manhood," he said. "It was hard enough for me to become a man with a $100 thousand. A $100 million? I could imagine the mistakes that could be made. But I’m just trying to offer insight wherever needed.”

Check out more on T.I.’s personal advice to Justin Bieber in the clip below.