'Tia & Tamera': Endometriosis Concerns Impact Tia's Decisions About Having A Second Child (VIDEO)

Tia Mowry and her husband, Cory, decided it was time to start talking about having a second baby. But when Tia went in for a check-up on "Tia & Tamera," she got some troubling news.

Tia found out that her endometriosis, a condition in which the reproductive organs can become scarred, had returned. Because of this, her doctor advised her to freeze her eggs if she was serious about having more children, and she needed to do this in the next few months.

"Time is not necessarily on my side," Tia told her husband. "I’m getting older."

“So he recommends we should start trying to have another baby now?" Cory asked.

Tia admitted that she was a little concerned about the whole thing. She said that "freezing embryos is like playing God a little bit." That's not something she was comfortable with. In the end, she and her husband decided not to freeze her eggs, but they may revisit the issue later.

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