'Tia & Tamera': Who Gets The Kids If They Die? Discussion Leads To Tears (VIDEO)

The Mowry twins were thinking about the future on "Tia & Tamera." Tia decided that if anything were to happen to her or her husband, she wanted her sister, Tamera, to get custody of her son. She assumed Tamera felt the same were their rolls reversed, but that wasn't the case.

Tamera told her that she'd decided that her son would go with his grandmother -- Tia and Tamera's mother -- in the event of anything happening. Tamera explained that she felt their mother's parenting style was more in line with hers, and that their mom had more time than Tia.

Still, Tia felt a little betrayed. "I know you like no one does," she said. "And, as much as I have to respect what you want ... I’m still shocked and a little hurt by this, and ... I’m sorry.” With this, she ran off in tears.

It was an emotional moment between the sisters, but it looks like they've managed to resolve things since the episode was filmed. Tia told fans via Twitter that she now accepts Tamera's choice, even going so far as to call it "good."

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